Appendix A – M24 Fluokit Disposal Procedures. Fluokit Indoor Ring Main Units contain Sulphur Hexafluoride (SF6) gas as an insulating medium which is. AIR INSULATED SWITCHGEAR. FLUOKIT M+ MV modular switchgear up to 24kV. Technical Specifications. AREVA T&D. Summary. Cubicle equipment. FLUOKIT M+ cubicles include the following features: Operating Cubicles in the FLUOKIT M+ range all have functional . Fluokit M24 & M24+ meets your.

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Contacts Group Schneider Electric service centers are there for: If this is not the case, please refer to our Service Unit or Training Centre. Installation of the switchboard. These openings are to be calculated and carried out at the same time as the installation of the equipment to the floor.

Complete this assembly by the lateral irons. Local requirements especially about safety and which are in accordance with the indications given in this document, must be observed. On the un-surfaced exposed concrete, pour a top coat of smooth finish, without ballast.

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Responsibilities Our devices are quality controlled and tested at the factory in accordance with the standards and the regulations currently in force. Examples of the installation of Functional Units with internal arc deflectors.

Advice that is appropriate for the various types of cable troughs. The room must be equipped with standardised high level and low level ventilation.

Altitude fluokkit the connecting points in relation to the cable flanges other than mounting base. Schneider Electric declines any responsibility for the consequences: It is therefore generally installed on the side of the road. For these specific cases, contact the Schneider Electric Sales Department. The delimitation of the civil engineering layout depends on the type and quantity of materials to be installed refer to the following chapters.

FLUOKIT M24+ – Schneider Electric

Geometry of flulkit cable trough. Schneider Electric, the Schneider Electric logo and their figurative forms are Schneider Electric registered trademarks. Respect the imposed distances see chapter 5. Symbols of information 06 Code for a product recommended and marketed by Fluoikt Electric 21 Nm Tightening torque value Example: The height of the top coat must arrive between 0 and 2mm below the height of the irons.

Access to the substation Substation access must remain free at all times and under any circumstances. M12x30 hook bolt 8.


The safety alert symbol shall not be used with this vluokit word. Case of a type 2 cable trough. Symbols and important safety informations. Cable troughs and ducts must be blocked up to avoid: They must be in the same horizontal plane.

Fluokit M24+ – Schneider Electric

The interventions described are carried out fluokti de-energized equipment in the course of being installed or locked out non operational. Preparation of the sections Two profile sections must be laid out, one at the rear and one at the front, in the lengthwise direction of the switchboard.

They allow operating personnel to penetrate into the substation and work in them sheltered from bad weather. Floor openings under the Functional Units 6.

FLUOKIT M+ 24kV | Schneider Electric

The other brand names mentioned within this document, whether they be copyright or not, belong to their respective holders. Secondary Air Insulated Switchgear. It will be the reference point for levelling the irons. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything.