The Freeh report concluded Joe Paterno and other administrators hushed up a complaint against Sandusky showering with a boy for fear. None of the evidence cited by Freeh supports a claim that Paterno acted to conceal information about Sandusky. The Freeh report undermines. The report by Louis Freeh on the independent investigation of Penn State University surrounding the child abuse committed by Jerry Sandusky.

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I don’t need to answer that question. Archived from the original on January 23, The former FBI director said Paterno and three other former university officials showed no empathy for Sandusky’s victims and chose not to report his conduct to authorities.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan to probe whether Penn State violated the Clery Act when it failed to report Sandusky’s alleged incidents of frerh molestation that took place on campus.

Corbett previously served as attorney general”. The university panicked after the Freeh report was released, she claimed, and Penn State’s board of trustees should have challenged the report.

Retrieved June 12, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paterno testified that McQueary reported “fondling” and something of “a sexual nature,” but Blehar thinks the coach, who was 84 at the time of his testimony, misremembered what his young assistant told him a decade before. Paterno had told them someone saw Sandusky “horsing around” with a boy. The NCAA called fresh a voluntary decision and said there was no payment involved.

Students passed through in packs, many in shirts that said “Unrivaled,” the motto Coach James Franklin introduced a few years ago to replace “Success with Freeh. In turn, Paterno reported the incident to his repprt supervisor, Curley, and also reported it to Gary Schultz, to whom the University Police Department directly reported.

As part of the litigation, the insurance company brought in a lawyer with expertise in sex abuse cases to examine how Penn State vetted claims before paying alleged victims.

Paterno family drops lawsuit against NCAA over Freeh report | NBC Sports Philadelphia

We do not talk about their specific circumstances. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Under Pennsylvania law of the time, any state employee who learned about suspected child abuse was required to report the incident to his immediate supervisor. Joe Paterno statue removed from stadium Retrieved August 8, The Morning CallNovember 10, While outlandish, such theories gained currency in Pennsylvania. This would explain why McQueary and no one with whom he spoke in decided to contact authorities on their own, said Blehar, citing testimony of State College physician Jonathan Dranov, one of the first people McQueary spoke with that night.


The board also did not like that Paterno released statements on his own rather than through the school, with some board members feeling he may have breached his contract.

Instead, they identified Baldwin, who had no experience representing clients before grand juries, as their lawyer, and she accompanied them as they testified.

Penn State child sex abuse scandal

On the afternoon freh November 9, The Express-Times of Easton, Pennsylvaniareported that the board had given Spanier an ultimatum—resign before that night’s meeting or be fired.

While relort of the nine alumni-elected trustees nodded their heads in agreement, some of the remaining 29 trustees rolled their eyes or shook their heads in frustration. According to the trustee, the board considered letting Paterno finish the season with Bradley as team spokesman, but ultimately decided that would still keep the focus on Paterno.

The statue of Paterno outside Beaver Stadium was among many vestiges of his years as head coach. Retrieved November 8, Inwhen the Second Mile’s executive director learned Sandusky was showering with children, his response was to advise Sandusky, when showering with children in the future, to wear a swimsuit.

The Freeh Report stated that Paterno was asked in January by the grand jury about inappropriate sexual conduct with young boys, other than the incident. During the Sandusky trial, an accuser and Sandusky’s wife Dottie both testified about the Alamo Bowl incident.

Rpeort sanctions took the form of a sweeping consent decree in which Penn State patermo the findings of fact by the NCAA and waived any right to appeal the sanctions.

Paterno told a grand jury in he did not know of child molestation allegations against Sandusky before Former Penn State coach found guilty of child patfrno crimes”.


He maintains his innocence while serving a to year sentence, and is appealing. A few months later, board chairwoman Karen Peetz predicted, thanks to their aggressive response, that by the Sandusky case “will be just a distant memory. As Jay Paterno walked through, some alumni cheered and called out his name. The family’s complaints about witnesses and e-mails “do not erase the shocking and striking documents which Freeh did uncover and which form an unassailable finding made by Mr.

However, one of the trustees told The Morning Call of Allentown that the board had no choice but to force Paterno to leave immediately to contain the growing outrage over the scandal. Tavis Smiley – PBS. At least two Penn State trustees, as well as several alumni, criticized Erickson for accepting the NCAA sanctions as quickly as he had.

Former prosecutor Fina said he didn’t believe the man’s claims, noting he was too old to match McQueary’s description and the man submitted a statement only after McQueary testified. Most of the e-mails from that time are unavailable, the family said.

Raykovitz was also a highly trained professional on handling such allegations. Retrieved 1 January Jerry Sandusky fits ‘predator ‘ “.

Thus I feel strongly that the library’s name should remain unchanged,” Erickson said in the statement. The [Corman] lawsuit also produced communications between NCAA staffers and Freeh’s team that prompted some alumni to theorize Freeh catered his report — which, by including Paterno, put the case squarely in the NCAA’s crosshairs — to appeal to a desired client.

Penn State abuse scandal likely to spawn lawsuits. The Penn State child sex abuse scandal started with Jerry Sanduskyan assistant coach for the Penn State Nittany Lions football team, engaging in sexual abuse of children over a period of at least 15 years.