GDSII Stream format is the standard file format for transfering/archiving 2D graphical design data. It contains a hiearchy of structures, each structure containing. Beyond that, let me say that the stream format is quite simple. I suspect that the people at Calma put a lot of thought into creating a file that. Learn files and view a list of programs that open them.

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Normalization is a process whereby the mantissa is shifted left one hex digit at a time until its left four bits represent a non-zero quantity.

The GDSII specification includes the description of 69 different record types, but less than the half are normally used. Cells can be nested with no limitation as to how deep the nesting goes though I have yet to see nesting more than 9 levels deep. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use fiile Privacy Policy. Bit 0 leftmost specifies reflecton.

There is a section below with hexadecimal values of the various record types and a brief description of the types. Contains four bytes which specify in database units the extension of a path outline beyond the first point of the path. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. All record numbers are shown in hexidecimal. The latter can be viewed and manipulated with VTK compatible viewers, e.

There may be more than one piece of data, but the rest of the record will be of this type. If a polygon exceeds this limit, it will be split into two or more polygons when saving the file.


If this record is omitted, and algle of zero degrees is assumed. This marks the beginning of a text element. An AREF has exactly three pairs of coordinates, which specify the orthogonal array lattice.

All About Calma’s GDSII Stream File Format

Since the mantssa is shifted four bits at a time, it is possible for the left three bits of a normalized mantissa to be zero. Records can be infinitely long. The elements within the braces can occur zero or more times. All other bits are currently unused and must be cleared to 0. ENDEL end of element. GDSII is organized in a gile fashion. By default this option is turned off.

MAG [1B05] Eight-byte real: The next record begins immediately after the last byte included in the count.

SPIE Handbook of Microlithography, Micromachining and Microfabrication

This appendix omits the description of tape formatting, since disk files and disk file images on tape and other media are now the norm []. The first is the size of a database unit in user units. In stream files created by non-Calma programs, this should be missing or all field should be 0. Plex numbers are not commonly used. I suspect that the people at Calma put a lot of thought fjle creating a file that would be as easy to read in and parse as possible.


The code is 0x The basic unit of measurement is a nanometer 10 -9 meter. Each X or Y coordinate is four bytes long. By activating this option via the SetupDialog or via a macro, all text elements will be saved as polygons.

GDS II files can be read as normal files or gzip compressed files without an external decompresser.


The decimal point of the binary mantissa is just to the left of bit 8. As you can imagine, computers and processors have come a long way since that time; gile specification has some constraints which were probably based both on the limitations of the 80’s era computers and also on the developer’s beliefs that chips were going to be approximately the same frmat for the foreseeable future. While these attributes were designed to correspond to the “layers of material” used in manufacturing an integrated circuit, their meaning rapidly became more abstract to reflect the way that the physical layout is designed.

This is the gdeii that seems to have never been used, so I’ll describe the eight byte real in a bit more detail. A structure name may be up to 32 characters long.