Gerard Gertoux. PARADOX OF THE ANONYMOUS NAME [1]. God’s name, which one finds about times in the Bible under the form YHWH, possesses the. ITS STORY, by Gérard Gertoux To return to here from an answer, use your Back button. Q1- Is it possible to pronounce the divine name if its genuine vowels are. Gérard Gertoux currently worked at the Laboratoire de Recherche HiSoMA – Histoire et Sources des Mondes Antiques, Université Lumiere Lyon 2.

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The name Iehouah seemed to have won in part and to be necessarily characterized in the Bible; however a large-scale attack against this vocalization was going to begin towards the end of the sixteenth century. Iran Palace of Darius.

Servetus in his Trinitatis Erroribus in strongly defended the shape Iehouah against the shape Yehauue “He will make to be”, because the name Iehouah is close to the Hebrew theophoric name Iesua Jesus. In he dedicated moreover his first sermon on John 1: This is contrary to republican lay Law and also with your own fundamental principles.

Moreover, these dimensions, seemingly boundless, yet have been confirmed by archeology. Textus 2, pp.

De consensu evangelistarum I: Remember me on gerarc computer. However, the expression “pronounced according to its letters” which Maimonides called back vowel letters as clarified Judah Halevi is strictly exact only in Hebrew.

In the stele of the Tempest he also blames Apopi for all the disasters that come to fall upon Egypt which caused many deaths.

The pronunciation of the Tetragrammaton according to Gérard Gertoux

verard Moses and the Exodus: Did you know – 2. To the contrary, religious authorities, and once more unanimously, utterly denied their first choice. The titular of Xerxes in Egypt and the data of Diodorus gwrtoux the co-regency of 10 years with Dariuslikewise Elephantine papyri with many double dates with civil and lunar calendars. A precise chronological reconstruction, based on few absolute dates, shows that the annexation of the kingdom of Cyprus Ala!


Gerard Gertoux, A history of the divine name – LOUVREBIBLE

Moreover Josephus gives the age and length of reign for all kings, from Hiram to Pygmalionindicating that a years period separated the foundation of the Temple in the 12th year of Hiram, which was also the 4th of Solomonand the founding of Carthage in the 7th year of Pygmalion, or BCE Against Apion I: Location of Infringing Material Identify each web page that allegedly contains infringing material.

One notices in the board above a remarkable agreement with the reading of these names according to the Septuagint and their reading according to their letters in Hebrew language.

Finally, the causative shape of the verb to be, “He causes to be” or “He causes to become “, invented to justify a verbal shape beginning with Yah- has never existed and will never exist. Contrary to his books, his sermons were not widely diffused. A chronological reconstruction based on synchronisms shows that among dynasties from Sumerian lists the 3rd and last Gertoxu king of the Awan I dynasty was indeed Kudur-Lagamar Consequently, if the Tetragram was really pronounced Ioua it would have be written hW: Berard on one hand and Hittite with its vassals on the other hand.

He was then arrested in Geneva and burnt at gerad stake as a heretic by order of the city’s Protestant governing council. Historians consider the biblical account of the Deluge as a myth.

The running of the Babylonian lunar calendar is simple, every 1st day of the month coincided with the observation of the new crescent. In fact, Plutarch and Justinus effectively described a long co-regency of Artaxerxes but with his first son Darius B —not Darius II, and afterward two shorts reigns: The revolt of Transjordan kings against Chedorlaomer occurred in the 13th year of his dominion and the following year BCE he was slaughtered by Abraham. Two other topics linked to the first census of Quirinius are examined: Herod the Great and Jesus: To set in order the variants of pronunciation of the Tetragram, Pietro Galatino dedicated a good part of his work entitled De arcanis catholice ueritatis Concerning Secrets of the Universal Truthpublished into explain the reasons for this pronunciation.

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Hopital Cochin, cloister, Paris 14th. She married her uncle Acherbas [Zakarbaal] High Priest of Melqart, a man with both authority and wealth comparable to the king. Under supervision of famous professors at Lyon university and at Paris Oriental Languages Institute INALCO he wrote a thesis on absolute chronology in which he matches historical events with attested astronomical events. System masters lectionis, the oldest, and the system of vowel points invented by the Masoretes page Historians consider the biblical account about Chedorlaomer’s campaign against Sodom as a pious fiction Genesis Dating the Fall of Babylon and Ur more.

I am sending you this letter also via postal mail with receipt acknowledgment. According to Luke 2: This book was translated into English only inbut still worse, the main arguments from part V were completely distorted.

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We notice you are using a browser version that we do not support. Relative-Absolute datingChronologyand Bible chronology.

All this doesn’t seem seriousness. I have noticed that, according to its fundamental principles, your site is an encyclopedia about authors, subjects and facts that are part of the world events and can also be part of controversies. Several scholars Finkelstein, Dever and others posit that the Exodus narrative may have developed from collective memories of the Hyksos expulsions of Semitic Canaanites from Egypt, possibly elaborated on to encourage resistance to the 7th century domination of Judah by Egypt.

However, as each one knows, there are no vowels in Hebrew, but only consonants.