Common name: Gin Berry, opal orange, orangeberry, rum berry, tooth brush plant • Bengali: আশশেওড়া ash-sheora, বন জামির ban jamir, মাতখিলা. Glycosmis pentaphylla. CRC PI GLYCOSMIS. Photos by Toni Siebert, CVC. Photo rights. Source: Received as seed from the USDA Plant Introd . Glycosmis pentaphylla. a.k.a. Gin Berry. A relatively obscure member of the Citrus family bearing small, translucent pink fruits with juicy flesh and a sort of spicy.

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Against Arthritis and Jaundice; In my childhood I used to eat the fruits of this plant. I have seen butterflies visiting the flowers of this plant and birds eating fruits of this plant. Attached images are Glycosmis pentaphylla Retz. Grows wild on waste. Possibly, it is a species of Glycosmis. May be Glycosmis pentaphylla Details of some important contributors. Stars of the month. Books on Indian Flora.

Indian Flora facebook group. Names of Plants in India site. Role of eFI in Sc.

Threatened Pentzphylla of Telangana State. Grows up to 1. Even until s the young stems were used as toothbrush cum toothpaste by majority of the villagers NEEM also served the same purpose. N ectar plant for many more butterflies like this onecommon five ring. Glycosmis pentaphylla – efloraofindia Google Groups. Attaching an image of Glycosmis pentaphylla. It is known as Ban-nimbu in hindi. In bangla it is known as Ashsheora or Matkhila.

In my childhood I used to eat the fruits of this plant. I also feel that. The second picture give confidence, that is Glycosmis pentaphylla. The first picture is not clear. Glycosmis pentaphylla from Hooghly: Usually these shrubs are under 3 ft height and can be termed as undershrub, but they can grow as high 6 ft.


The importance of this plant is given in a nutshell under some selected photographs. Fruits are eaten by glycoamis and small mammals. Please help me in identifying gylcosmis plant found inside a montane evergreen forest.

The fruits measure cm across and the plant height is about one metre. Kindly check pentapgylla with Glycosmis sp. Glycosmiis an image of a Common Pierrot butterfly on the flowers of Glycosmis pentaphylla. Attaching an image of a Chestnut Bob butterfly on the flowers of Glycosmis pentaphylla.

Attaching an image of a Common Four ring butterfly on the flowers of Glycosmis pentaphylla. Attaching an image of a Wax Dart butterfly on the flowers of Glycosmis pentaphylla. Please identify this plant: Please identify this plant taken at Wildernest ResortGoa. Glycosmis pentaphyllafor sharing and validation: It is Glycosmis pentaphylla Retz. Only one species of Glycosmis is known wild in Uttarakhand. If wild it should be G. Yes Sir, it does look like Glycosmis pentaphylla Retz.

Thank you very much I have never seen this species. I didn’t notice vegetation there carefully! The smell was not so strong, in fact saw several saplings nearby with Quaker butterfly females laying eggs on it.

I think I have one more image of same sp. The biggest leaf was 15cms appx in length.

Orangeberry, Gin Berry – Glycosmis pentaphylla – Seeds

Finally identified as Glycosmis pentaphylla. Upper younger leaves appear compound.

The isolated leaf pics present that they are opposite, which made me think again, otherwise I would have said Atlantia sp.

On flowering twigs the leaves seem to be alternate, my guess is Atlantia Can it be Atlantia macrophylla??? A large shrub Habitat: Planted in garden Location: I think, Atlantia macrophylla Is it not the same as identified by I think, we have photographed it from the same plant. One useful link – http: As far as i can remember this Glycosmis pentaphylladated May, was my first entry to the Rutaceae week.


Some days later while i was browsing the efI site Dinesh Ji’s post https: I noticed the comment of I thought both were same species and they glycosms synonyms.

I searched the net and the following websites supported me: Flora of China also supports this – http: On the other hand, according to KEW, G. So, I wanted the latest report from Penntaphylla, or at least from Asia, and found that the full ‘pdf’ file available in the http: And that report is published in Attaching the full penatphylla file for your perusal.

Sharing pic of Pentaphylla glycosmis fruits. Here are the names pentaphhlla this species I have found so far: Correa, Limonia arborea Roxb.

Glycosmis pentaphylla

Gin berry, Jamaica mandarin-orange, Orangeberry, Orange berry plant. Glhcosmis should allow interested people to do extra searches for this plant. Names of Plants in India:: Bengali names of Glycosmis pentaphylla: Which software should I download to get Bengali keyboard?

There are many webpages which help in typing scripts with characters other than Roman. Marathi name for Glycosmis pentaphylla: This name is used in Goa too. Assamese name s of Glycosmis pentaphylla: Punjabi names of Glycosmis pentaphylla: Will be glad if someone helps by validating the spellings typed in Gurmuhki and Devanagari scripts.

Gujarati name for Glycosmis pentaphylla: Glycosmis pentaphylla is distributed ylycosmis Gujarat; any known local name? I could not find any in the regular resources that I check. Sorry I couldn’t write earlier. I am not acquainted with this plant and don’t know of any Gujarati names. Hope some other members would be able to comment. For more details, pl. Major contributors Stars of the month Efloraofindia’s journey General.