This webpage hosts a package holding a book titled “Autoconf, Automake and Libtool” aka The Autobook: a tutorial for the GNU Autotools by Gary V. Vaughan, . Classic noarch. , The Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool book. FreeBSD FreeBSD Ports Latest amd autobooktxz, GNU . The Goat Book or Autobook, officially titled “GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool”, is a printed and online introduction into all three tools, from , written by.

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There are others and you should consult the gnu M4 manual for further information. M4 includes a set of pre-defined macros that make it substantially more useful. Some common M4 idioms have developed for this purpose and are covered in Ajtobook You will notice in much of the documentation for existing Autoconf macros that arguments may be left blank to accept the default value.

The task of then locating the troublesome shell gnh in the input files can be potentially quite difficult. It is worth highlighting again the liberal use of quoting. Thus, m4 will appear to consume macro invocations like these from the input. Libtool-related questionsPrevious: This process is known as expansion — even if the new text may be shorter!

Magic happens under the hood, where experts have tinkered until the GNU Autotools engine can run on everything from jet fuel to whale oil. This book stands a level above the software packages, giving the expertise of its authors in using this whole system to its fullest.


It expands to the empty string: Search the contents of the book: Like most programming languages, M4 allows you to write comments in the input which will be ignored.

Autotools FAQ

It is here that you will see why an M4 macro is not the same as a function in any other programming language. Curiously, macros are defined to m4 using the built-in macro define.

How do I enable cross compilation reliably?

However, it is common to learn M4 in a piecemeal fashion and to have an incomplete or inaccurate understanding of certain concepts. This is one big empty foo. Do you remember the s?

There are three kinds of tokens: Consequently, some of the examples have modernised versions that work with the latest autotools, but don’t match the text of the paper version of the gun. They simply expand to the contents of the named file. Waarom en hoe yes, that’s in Dutch. It also expands to the empty string:.

Expansion can be prevented by quoting and is discussed in detail in the following section. The gnu M4 manual provides a thorough tutorial on M4. M4 includes a number of pre-defined macros that make it uatobook powerful preprocessor.


Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool: The GNU Project Build Tools

Vaughan, the official download webpage was updated: These conventions are designed to make your macros more robust, your code easier to read and, most importantly, improve your chances for getting things to work the first time! However, it is considered a free documentation license by the FSF.

How can I install software below my home directory? Please refer to it for additional information. The more complicated a package was, the more likely it was to have its own unique build procedure that had to be learned first.

The unofficial Autobook webpage

The same principles apply for the collection aitobook arguments to macros which accept arguments. This is useful because m4 will expand the macro and give the macro the opportunity to test each argument for the empty string. Expansion problems due to over-quoting and under-quoting can be difficult to pinpoint.

The difference between include and sinclude is subtle: This document was generated by Ben Elliston on July 10, using texi2html 1. This is by far the biggest point of misunderstanding for new M4 users.