This webpage hosts a package holding a book titled “Autoconf, Automake and Libtool” aka The Autobook: a tutorial for the GNU Autotools by Gary V. Vaughan, . Classic noarch. , The Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool book. FreeBSD FreeBSD Ports Latest amd autobooktxz, GNU . The Goat Book or Autobook, officially titled “GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool”, is a printed and online introduction into all three tools, from , written by.

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Search the contents of the book: Vaughan A slew of updates: Autoconf transforms the instructions in “configure.

The more complicated a package was, the more likely it was to have its own unique build procedure that had to be learned first. A name is a sequence of characters that starts with a letter or an underscore and may be followed by additional letters, characters and underscores. How do I enable cross compilation reliably?

How can I speed up configure?

How do I add compiler or linker flags to the build system? The system that will be doing the building need not have autoconf installed: Fixed the long-standing missing examples bug with the online book. HTML-browsable copies of a recent autoconfautomake and libtool are available from http: Untilthis package was maintained by Gary V.


The gnu M4 manual provides a thorough tutorial on M4.

Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool: The GNU Project Build Tools

The defn macro expands to the definition of a macro, named by the single argument to defn. Views Read Edit View history.

Macros are definitions of replacement text and are identified by a name — as defined by the autoboook rules given in Section If you want a newline to appear in the output, you must add an extra blank line ggnu compensate. If they are not equal, m4 will shift the argument list three positions to the left and try again:. As mentioned in Section This is how Autoconf makes the distinction clear.

The unofficial Autobook webpage

See also Debian Bug Here is an example of a macro which expands to its third argument: The solution is to quote the entire string. To make macros substantially more useful, M4 extends gn concept to macros which accept a number of arguments1. It is also important to understand how macros are expanded.

It is a bnu problem and there is a movement amongst the development community to improve this shortcoming in the future. There are others and you should consult the gnu M4 manual for further information.

As it has been mentioned in Section How can I speed up make? They are passed through to the output hnu. These concepts will be elaborated on in Section The example shown above would be defined to m4 with the following input:. Here is an example of dnl from the Autoconf source code:.


The GNU Project Build Tools

It also expands to the empty string:. When m4 encounters a quoted string — as a type of token Section Vaughan, the official download webpage was updated: When such a macro is invoked, the argument list must be delimited by commas and enclosed in parentheses.

Aside from the subject matter, the book is also interesting because it was written in collaboration over the internet, even though we have mostly never met each other in person, and we are physically spread across the entire globe.

The number of cases that may be in the argument list is unbounded. Thus, m4 will appear to consume macro invocations like these from the input.