Ecocriticism explores the ways in which we imagine and portray the relationship between humans and the environment in all areas of cultural production, from. This text is one of the first introductory guides to the field of literary ecological criticism. It is the ideal handbook for all students new to the disciplines of literature. Ecocriticism has ratings and 31 reviews. Ariya said: I had been dodging around this book for several months, and able to finish it by the end of the.

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This isn’t the kind of book that many can pick up, read once continuously, and hope to extract its undiminished value. What was unusual about ecocriticism in the s was that it called for a revaluation of genres as well as a shuffling of preferred authors.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Like Clark, Morton insists on the deconstructive radicalism of ecology, which he thinks has too little affected the environmental criticism supposedly derived from it. I would definitely come back for the revision soon. Latour and Haraway also provide a point of departure for Stacy Alaimo, whose work as both author and editor exemplifies the sustained and productive encounter of ecocriticism, feminism and science studies AlaimoAlaimo and Hekman Feminism, postcolonialism, and critical race studies though not Marxism, curiously have transformed the curriculum in Anglophone universities.

More striking yet is the predominance of Anglo-American theoretical models: Qingqi Wei picks out ecocentric traditions in Chinese history similar to those Rangarajan finds in the ancient Indian concept of Prakritibut also identifies affinities p.

An Overview Barrier Beach Index. Hopefully there are better guides to ecocriticism out there. I definitely have a better appreciation for the different “faces” of “green” after reading it. Dec 19, Josh Stride rated it liked it Recommends it for: Greg Garrard’s animated and accessible volume traces the development of the movement and explores the concepts Inspired by a range of ecological movements, ecocriticism explores the ways in which we imagine and portray the relationship between humans and the environment in all areas of cultural production, from Wordsworth and Thoreau to Disney and BBC nature documentaries.

Thanks to dominant, anthropomorphic modes of characterization, novels may be less well suited than other literary genres to challenging anthropocentrism. It starts by providing a brief account of the various political and This isn’t the kind of book that many can pick up, read once continuously, and hope to extract its undiminished value.



Myth Laurence Coupe No preview available – I would only recommend reading this book if you have the time to dedicate to independently exploring the ecocditicism in ecocriticosm with the reading, or if you have a very solid grounding in ecological literature.

By reviewing the various orientations that authors, artists, and the general public have held toward nature, we become capable of identifying and discouraging those that are harmful and flawed, and promoting the closest approximations of the good and true. Jul 12, Liz rated it really liked it. While a few still see it that way, there is now a relaxed acceptance that theoretical reasoning and philosophical reflection are modes of understanding as indispensable as personal experiences and close readings of cultural texts.

Not that the book provided the modern concepts about environment studies, but specifically focused on literary contexts, which I think, more friendly to my lack of gerg.

Greg Garrard’s animated gqrrard accessible volume traces the development of the movement and explores its key concepts, including:. Yet it was both enlightening and inspiring, as I’m sure it will serve as fodder for future critical readings of the topic of nature in the arts.

Wordsworth and the Environmental Tradition.

His explanation of current ecological science corrects earlier assumptions about balance and harmony. Trexler shares with Alaimo the optimistic conviction that encounters with artworks constitute meaningful entanglements rather than merely reporting them at one or more removes. In Japan, though, as she also shows, all three stages emerged in quick succession and continue to ecocritciism. Ecocritics must instead make vivid, as Shakespearean drama often does, the beautiful patterns of our interdependences.

He points out that, while ontologically posthumanism criticizes assumptions of human uniqueness, ethically we need to amplify our sense of human responsibility, not attenuate it.

Her essay highlights the complexity and ambivalence of Romantic constructions of animals: Garraard was distinctive in his case, though, was the juxtaposition of wilderness experience and the cosmopolitanism of Paris as remarkably similar liberatory spaces for African Americans.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Dec 03, Alex rated it liked it.

The decentering effect of centrifugal criticism has been accelerated in recent years by the subversive energies introduced by encounters with deconstruction and queer theory. Ecocritticism scale of the Handbook might lead a reader to the erroneous conclusion that it pretends to be comprehensive, when in fact it seeks only to be reasonably inclusive. Interest in issues of colonialism and postcolonialism went beyond the authors commissioned to write on it specifically, encompassing DeLoughrey, Paravisini-Gebert, Nixon, Mukherjee, Ecocrtiicism, and Rangarajan.


The Oxford Handbook of Ecocriticism seeks to witness—not encompass, let alone exhaust—the diversity of contemporary ecocriticism. The Handbook concludes with a superb reflective essay by Rob Nixon, whose book Slow Violence is an instant classic of postcolonial ecocriticism.

Search within my subject: I have to say though that, as a teacher of both literature and garrarr with a focus on sustainable developmentI found this work to be the perfect crossover between my two otherwise disparate subjects, and made me feel a little less schizophrenic as a teacher than normal A good introduction to the field.

Summary of ecocritical thought; divided in to the following categories: At times it also has a rather pretentious tone The section ecocriticiwm the “Ecological Indian” stereotype was especially eye-opening for me; I had not realized like many in our ecocriyicism to what extent this notion is both historically i Very eye-opening.

Introduction – Oxford Handbooks

Hence the inclusion in the Handbook of a series of p. The environmental humanities disciplines include ecocriticism, environmental history, and environmental philosophy. It is also, of course, a stigmatizing and marginalizing strategy to which the proper response is, as Branch shows, to poke fun right back.

It is unfortunate that academic reviewers often attack writers and editors for what they leave out rather than addressing what they have chosen to include what I have called the Argument from Absence [ Garrard a—]despite the obvious fact that absence is inherently infinite.

Greg Garrard, Ecocriticism – PhilPapers

These are also, by the way, the most fervently Christian parts of the country—a vast constituency largely ignored by ecocritics. Views from Here The spread of organizations linked to ASLE gives some indication of the growth of interest internationally in ecocriticism.

Nevertheless, we might encapsulate the mission of the environmental humanities, of which ecocriticism is a key part, 1 in chiasmic terms as the gagrard of ecology and the ecologization of history.

Estok, Simon, and Won-Chung Kim. Climate change turned out to be a concern of numerous contributors, including Lousley, Clark, Morton, Trexler, Kerridge, Kluwick, Philippon, and Bracke.