Star Maker is a science fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon, published in .. Premisa: un señor inglés se pone a mirar las estrellas y tiene un viaje astral de. Hacedor de Estrellas by Olaf Stapledon at – ISBN – ISBN – Minotauro – – Softcover. Title, Hacedor de estrellas. Author, Olaf Stapledon. Translated by, Gregorio Lemos. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Minotauro, ISBN,

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To give you an idea of his writing style, below is a brief passage. I just can’t believe that these descriptions are not influenced by a high dose of a drug such as LSD, mushrooms or from a DMT experience.

But then, it bears repeating: There is no dialogue – every page is filled with rich, detailed, poetic descriptions. It is an Epic task, yet not once does it feel rushed, for all its grandiose proportion and spiritual musings it never falls into the absurd. Why are there so many galaxies full of rare and precious life?

I shall stop here for now 8th of January, There Lenin lay, victorious. In fact, it was not until after its publication that he discovered the Science Fiction tendencies that the novel held a genre he had hitherto never heard of.

The grandest vision of the universe Posted at Fantasy Literature Star Maker is perhaps the grandest and most awe-inspiring vision of the universe ever penned by a SF author, before the term even existed, in by the pioneering English writer Olaf Stapledon. Let’s connect Contact Details Facebook Twitter.

He makes some assumptions, and sets in motion a train of events, but there’s no magic happy-ever-after.

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It is a mystical and spiritual story for those of us who believe in science, and not in a personal God in the tradition of traditional faith, yet who are spiritual sttapledon all the same. Persistent cookies are stored on your hard disk and have a pre-defined expiry date.

Lists with This Book. Luego el libro parece que se monta en la nave de “Cosmos” para ir visitando planeta a planeta describiendo, como si de un documental se tratase, las formas de vida que va encontrando. Another oalf the speculative reference shelf! Lewis and John Maynard Smith and indirectly influenced many others, contributing many ideas to the world of science fiction. Here and there a turn of phrase is quaint and not commonly in contemporary use, but it also speaks to Stapledon’s olaaf and rich writing.


Star Maker by Olaf Stapledon

Then, as he meets and is joined by similar creatures, each contributes some difference, so that the coverage of different forms grows ever outwards. He doesn’t seem to be up on his science. This is not an easy read, but incredibly important one.

Dec 14, Sam rated it it was amazing. He uses other words that are shockingly different, in modern reading, than the author seems to have intended. There are no actual stories that happen on these planets, just summaries. The creatures appeared to one another as complex patterns and rhythms of tonal characters. The book culminates with a brief but searing encounter with the omnipotent and yet imperfect Star Maker, who created all the universes in an endless series of efforts to improve upon the last, never satisfied, yet deriving ultimate meaning through those acts of creation.

For example, I loved this bit: Despite it dw basically a fantasy, hacedoe attempts to keep the observations rooted in hard science. The Divine only perceives Its creation frostily, in analysis and infinitely remote dispassion, stapoedon It weaves aspects of morality itself into the work, as much as any physical property.

Initially his search is fruitless, and the oppressive loneliness of space discourages him.

Hacedor de Estrellas : Olaf Stapledon :

When something is impossible, the narrator begs forgiveness for being just one mind. But if you persevere, and if you manage to keep Stapledon’s ideas in focus, you’ll be rewarded. I find too many Sci-Fi authors get caught up with the Science wand miss out on the opportunity to narrative meaningful, allegoric and absorbing tales.

Open Preview See a Problem? The human race just appears for an incidental sentence or two; we aren’t important in this larger scheme of things. In any case, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Have had to finally admit defeat on this one. Throughout the cosmos the dead and lightless stars far outnumbered the living and luminous.


Lewis thought Stapledon’s answer was “devil worship”, so perhaps he hit an unhappy medium after all. It also includes many, if not all, of the classic sci-fi themes: And even better, it even flies right into Manichean heresies!

I have become so sensitive in recent years in an irritated kind of way to half-baked philosophy in fiction, that I was ready, from the start, to find it in this book. Stapeldon was truly a pioneer of SF for bringing us truly big ideas. The author uses a clever technique, to mix two things you don’t see mixed on Earth trees and peoplethen write about the hybrid product.

This is true Science Fiction. So, what are the right questions?

Hacedor de Estrellas

This was not a problem for me once I got used to it, but if that sort of thing bothers you, you might want to get the paperback. It is near impossible to imagine a novel with a greater scope than this one, which spans all of cosmic eternity from big bang to the energy death of the universe A sample quote from page Olaf Stapledon does not make this mistake. This is a short novel that spans 5 billion years!

In the book, stars even get some parasite of their “biological tissues”, which doesn’t make sense, because no molecules can form in the plasma state of matter Apr 30, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Really, the author just needed a convenient way to arrange the book.

I don’t think there’s a single book in existence that can dwarf the scope and grandeur of this one.