Hakuin, also called Hakuin Ekaku, original name Iwajirō, (born Jan. 19, , Hara, Suruga province, Japan—died Jan. 18, , Hara), priest, writer, and artist. Art historians have taken an interest in Hakuin Ekaku () in recent years . The old Zen master’s ink brush paintings and calligraphy are. Hakuin Ekaku (白隠 慧鶴 Hakuin Ekaku; January 19, – January 18, ) was one of the most influential figures in Japanese Zen Buddhism. He was a.

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Hakuin Ekaku – 38 artworks –

Thank You for Your Contribution! Three creeds, one creed — One creed, three creeds — After all, what do they come to? It was around this time that he adopted the name “Hakuin”, which means “concealed in white”, referring to the state of being hidden in the clouds and snow of mount Fuji.

Retrieved from ” https: It all comes back to Hakuin’s koan on the sound of one hand. In this he didn’t limit himself to the classic koan collections inherited from China; he himself originated one of the best-known koans, “You know the sound of two hands clapping; tell me, what is the sound of one hand?

An extremely well known and popular Zen master during his later life, Hakuin was a firm believer in bringing the wisdom of Zen to all people.


Discover some of the most interesting and trending topics of Kodo Sawaki Shunryu Suzuki. He was soon installed as head priest, a capacity in which he would serve for the next half-century.

Five Car Stud Life of Cats: Taizan Maezumi Dennis Merzel. He gave up his goal of becoming an enlightened monk, and not wanting to return home in shame, traveled around studying literature and poetry. Orson Welles, American motion-picture actor, director, producer, and writer.

Hakuin Ekaku

Hakuin was born in in the small village of Hara, at the foot of Mount Fuji. What is to be valued above all else is the practice that comes after satori is achieved. All contemporary Rinzai-lineages stem from Inzan Ien — and Takuju Kosen —[38] [39] both students of Gasan Jito — Hakuin despaired over this story, as it showed that even a great monk could not be saved from a bloody death in this life.

It was the chapter on parables, where the Buddha cautions his disciple Shariputra against savoring the joys of personal enlightenmentand reveals ekaki him the truth of the Bodhisattva ‘s mission, wkaku is to continue practice beyond hzkuin, teaching and helping others until all beings have attained salvation.

The Sound of One Hand: Retrieved from ” https: Please try again later. Quotes [ edit ] You know the sound of two hands clapping; tell me, what is the sound of one hand? Much of his writing was in the vernacularand in popular forms of poetry that commoners would read.


Hakuin ekaju painting late in life, beginning in his sixties and continuing until his death at eighty-four.

Throughout the long and varied history of religion, the priesthood has been the official institution that has mediated and maintained a…. What is the Mind of Enlightenment? Hakuin’s early extreme exertions affected his health, and at one point in his young life he fell ill for almost two years, experiencing what would now probably be classified as a nervous breakdown by Western medicine.

Picturing Paradox

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hakuin. Essentially all modern practitioners of Rinzai Zen use practices directly derived from the teachings of Hakuin. Portraits of Zen Masters by Hakuin.

However, his master refused to acknowledge this enlightenment, and Hakuin left the temple. Four Dharmadhatu and Hakyin wisdoms. Suddenly, unexpectedly, I saw it — it was as clear as if it were right there in the hollow of my hand.