Hulagu Khan (ca. ) was a Mongol conqueror and the founder of the dynasty of the Il-Khans of Iran. He also suppressed the Ismaili sect and defeated . fifth son of Tolui (and thus grandson of Čengiz Khan) and founder of the R. E. Latham, London and New York, , index s.v. “Hulagu”). Hulagu Khan Destroyed Thousands Of Priceless Ancient Books Kept In The House Of Wisdom In Baghdad. | June 21, | Ancient History.

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Nestorian Christianityconverted to Buddhism on his deathbed. The city was taken on 13 February and subjected to a week of looting and massacre. Nor did he strengthen the city’s walls. The Mongol siege of AD began in mid-January and lasted just two weeks. Historians have ascribed various motives to al-Alkami’s opposition to submission, including treachery [23] and incompetence, [24] and it appears that he lied to the Caliph about the severity of the invasion, assuring Al-Musta’sim that, if the capital of the caliphate was endangered by a Mongol army, the Islamic world would rush to its aid.

This was the first open war between Mongols, and signaled the end of the unified empire. Baghdad, the City of Peace. The Mongol leader Kitbuqa, already provoked by the constant fleeing of Baibars and his troops, decided to march forwards with all his troops on the trail of the fleeing Egyptians.

Martin Sicker writes that close to 90, people may have died. Date 29 January — 10 February 13 days. Sorghaghtani successfully navigated Mongol politics, arranging for all of her sons to become Mongol leaders. Hulagu had at least three children: Mongol Manpower and Persian Populationpp. Many historical accounts describe the three Christian rulers Hetoum, Bohemond, and Kitbuqa entering the city of Damascus together in triumph, Groussetthough some modern historians such as David Morgan have questioned this story as apocryphal Morgan Zarkadoulia, George Samonis Mongol raids into Palestine.


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Gaadamba Mongoliin nuuts tovchoop. So instead, the Crusaders allowed the Egyptian forces to come north through Crusader territory, and resupply near the Crusaders’ powerbase of Acre Morgan The Mongols did not accept this setback lying down. Atwood Encyclopedia of Mongolia and the Mongol Empirep. They took together the city of Aleppoand on March 1,under the Christian general Halsku, they also took Damascus.

The Mamluk sources provide hlaku interesting details for the biography of the first Il-khan. Hulagu led his army first to Iran, where he successfully campaigned against the Lursthe Bukharaand the remnants of the Khwarezm-Shah dynasty.

Hulagu Khan’s siege of Baghdad University of Pennsylvania Press. Hulagu’s Mongol army set out for Baghdad in November Initially, the fall of Baghdad came as a shock to the whole Muslim world, but the city became an economic center where international trade, the minting of coins and religious affairs flourished under the Ilkhans.

Discussions took place between the Muslims and the Christians, with debate about whether or not to join forces against the Mongols, but the Muslims were not in agreement with this action. Kitbuqa’s forces engaged in raids southward towards Egypt, reaching as far as Ascalon and Jerusalemand a Mongol garrison of about 1, was placed in Gaza, RichardMaaloufTyermanwith another garrison located in Naplouse Maalouf The citizens of the ancient capital of the Caliphate saw for the first time for six centuries three Christian potentates halalu in triumph through their streets”, Runcimanp.

Lech, Wiesbaden,pp. History of “Hulagu Khan” Note: On November 19,he did so.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Hulagu therefore contributed to ihan between the European and Eastern spaces. Al-Musta’sim finally decided to do battle with them and sent out a force of 20, cavalry to attack the Mongols. History History of Europe Biography Credited. Berke Khan, a Muslim convert, had promised retribution in his rage after Hulagu’s sack of Baghdad, and allied himself with the Mamluks.


The very man who destroyed Islamic Archives, in his very next generation, we see conversion to Islam.

An Encyclopedia illustrated ed. Hulagu’s intent at that point was to continue south through Palestine towards Cairo to engage the Mamluks. Upon receiving news of Hulagu’s departure, Qutuz quickly assembled a large army at Cairo and invaded Palestine. Employing siege engines and catapults, the Mongols attempted to breach the city’s walls, and, by February 5, had seized a significant portion of the defenses.

A Brief History of Iraq. Hulagu was friendly to Christianity, as his mother was a Nestorian Christian. All but one of his sons were killed. Western Xia Jin Song Dali.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It was certainly haoaku. A low estimate is about 90, dead; [10] higher estimates range fromto a million. Blake and Richard N.

Siege of Baghdad () – Wikipedia

It was in Hulagu’s reign that Iranian historians switched from writing in Arabic to writing in Persian. Although the Mamluks were traditional enemies of the Franks, the Barons of Khna recognized the Mongols as the more immediate halaaku. Although he replied to Hulagu’s demands in a manner that the Mongol commander found menacing and offensive enough to break off further negotiation, [25] Al-Musta’sim neglected to summon armies to reinforce the troops at his disposal in Baghdad.