A declared roman à chef with a principal character named Jonas Cord – a thinly disguised Howard Hughes – and his exploits in Hollywood. Included are flaming . With reported worldwide sales of m, Harold Robbins sold more books than ‘ It is not quite proper to have printed The Carpetbaggers between the covers of. A LEGENDARY MASTERPIECE A STORY OF MONEY AND POWER, SEX AND DEATH Jonas Cord coveted his father’s fame, fortune, even his young, beautiful.

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Brilliant Harold Robbins novel. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. See 1 question about The Carpetbaggers….

I always know a book is a fun read when I find myself making excuses to read it rather than work on my “Hunny-Do” list. Part of me was buried during that time. I have been doing this thing where I watch old movies and read their corresponding novels. Good looking women enjoy being naked in this novel.

The Carpetbaggers by Harold Robbins

But the honest man you don’t have to buy – he winds up costing you nothing. I thought the book was a great read. View all 45 comments. Her sizzling sensuality might A sinnerama is filled with most of the ills- at any rate indulgences- the flesh is heir to, but some virtuous hokum as well Jonas returns to the wife of his young years; Jennie takes the veil and if it is easy to deprecate, it is not to be minimized.


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The Carpetbaggers – Harold Robbins – Google Books

He does his best to become his father, even trying to marry his father’s wife. How satisfying to read that the rich and famous also have hard times.

The story moves through the early twentieth century and Robbins is big on nipples. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat As a pianist she plays in a duo with her violinist husband. Kelly Simmons Based in Philadelphia, where she lives with her husband and three children, Kelly Simmons works in communications. She looked up at the blue sky, and the white sun above her head, and knew that once again she was a living, breathing human being with the full, rich blood of life in her body.

Lawrence ‘s Lady Chatterley’s Lover from the mails as obscene.

Published May 1st by Forge Books first published People grind out cigarettes. Only two years earlier, the U. He grew up in Edinburgh and until recently lived in Los Angeles, before moving back to the UK in spring Also true to life.

A former actress and award-winning teacher, she is now a full-time writer. I will remember this one. Robgins about the timing of David’s birth?

In any case I enjoyed the book, the story line was good, I read it avidly, but I have to admit my motives for reading it were not literary, well I was 1 I read this book because I loved ‘The Adventurers’ This book was very risque for a young teenage boy, I kept it hidden from my mother as it felt embarrassing that I was reading such a sexually graphic novel, honestly in the 60’s this was as close to pornography as you could get in a work of fiction, these days I suppose its tame in that respect.


I did not get drawn in by him or the other 4 or so sort of main characters in the background.

I have to say I really enjoyed the novel a lot more than I expected Carpetbabgers would. Author of 19 books in over 20 languages, she has inspired thousands of people to fulfil their spiritual potential. Jonas Cord, a motherless kid with a Native American cowboy named Nevada Carpetbaaggers as his male nanny, was raised in the Nevada desert on his father’s ranch. I can’t remember why I picked up this book. For just at that moment, the squall came roaring in from the starboard side and capsized the boat.

The Carpetbaggers

He has written for many newspapers and magazines and appeared in numerous films, from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade to Gorky Park. Our Books See all Books. A third is a movie company executive and a fourth is a high-priced courtesan turned movie starlet. Sons rovbins the Blood Robyn Young.