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In one of the books on Himu there is a verse, attahi attano natho He does not suffer from sense of guilt which is a oothamala feature of modern psychology. Himu is a character like Sherlock Holmes or Kiriti Roy who repeatedly occur in a series of books by the same author. His father wanted to make him a jothamala a great man, possibly with supernatural powers by making him familiar with the evil, greedy, mean and cruel sides of the world. Thus the personality of Himu, who seems to be untouched by the ambitions of worldly gains, has links with Buddhist philosophy.

Himu is decidedly eccentric. He seems to have links with and influences from the tradition of ancient sages in India.

Some people think Himu has similarity with the characters created by a Dostoyevsky. Himu lives like a vagabond or a gypsy. Himu has a girlfriend named Rupa whom he hardly contacts.

Nevertheless it has turned out to be impressionistic. However, this pattern is very characteristic of only detective stories where the main role is played by a detective, or a spy or a lawyer who solves the mystery around a crime or event. The first book having Himu as a central character was Mayurakkhi published in May It’s possible that some readers find his strange behaviour annoying or just bizarre e.

The young adults of Bangladesh are highly inspired by the uncorrupted spirit envisaged in Himu’s character. His appearance is odd. Himu appears to have the power to prophesise. He lives in the present and is not obsessed with the future.


He could have also been named Akash Skybut the sky cannot kothamaoa touched. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Himur Babar Kothamala Humayun Ahmed

He does not have a source of income. He walks and walks. Himu is a shortened form of Himalaya. When asked whether Himu is his alter ego, he said that he is half Himu, and half Misir Ali another popular character from his books.

The common traits of modern man, namely, ambition, greed, opportunism, self-mindedness, materialsm, compliance, fear of the state and police, lie, hypocrisy and trickery are conspicuous in Himu by their total absence. This makes him popular with teenagers. He likes to charm people with prophetic comments or counter-intuitive remarks. Later, when Himu grew up he thought that his father was not a psychopath, and he was right to try to make Himu a “Great Phillosopher”.

He likes to meet people from odd walks of life. Although it is mentioned in the novels that the name “Himu” is short for Himalay,Humayun Ahmed said he actually derived Himu from his own name,Humayun.

Online Bangla Book

In the foreword to one of his books, he mentioned that while writing stories about Himu, he feels that he himself is Himu and this feeling isn’t there when he is writing any other book. However, Himu is possibly the first fictional character babr recurs in different non-detective stories of the same author. In the early novels he tricked people by his influencing presence, and he lead them to a pre-determined future he set up the situation, as people didn’t know, they thought that as a supernatural power, i.

For instance, he can give a Taka note to a beggar or a rikshawpuller or he can spend a baar in rail station – totally randomly. Humayun Ahmed is a genius and he does it totally up to date with the modern taste. When Himu was young, his psychopathic father killed his mother so as to prevent her from interfering with the way he intended to bring him up. Himu is a young man whose age may be between 18 to Himu’s real name is Himalaya.


He attracts people by his himut sense bbaar humour.

Although he dismisses it as mere coincidences. Himu is smart because he can stand up to any situaiton but he does not try to be smart by conventional norms.

The author’s approach in creating the character is unbiased. Himu can be considered as a protagonist that has been created by Humayun Ahmed as a silent but powerful protest to modern human personality. His cousin “Badal” is highly influenced by Himu’s vagabond lifestyle and Badal tries to imitate Himu all the time.

In the recent stories of Himu, his super natural powers are increasing. Since then as many as 18 books have been written by the writer with Himu as the protagonist.

Himur Babar Kothamala Humayun Ahmed – ALLFreeBD

Some fans are worried about his metamorphosis, they do not want him to be a mystic but they want him to remain the old funny Himu. Hikur remains uncowed when caught in awkward situation. He always wears a yellow Punjabi and walks barefoot. The way he responds to situations is unpredictable and unusual.