Horacio Castellanos Moya (born ) is a Salvadoran novelist, short story writer , and El asco, Thomas Bernhard en San Salvador, (Revulsion: Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador, English translation by Lee Klein published by New. Abstract: Salvadoran writer Horacio Castellanos Moya offers a provocative example of postwar cynicism in his novel El asco: Thomas Bernhard en San. Fouling One’s Own Nest: On Translating Horacio Castellanos Moya the three other books by Moya that Bolaño had read, he deemed El asco.

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But the onus is on caztellanos ranter to make our tirades interesting and well-written if they are to horaci actually published in a book. Perhaps the greatest difference between the writers mentioned above and the writer Moya is that in this particular story there wasn’t anything mentioned of worth beholden to his country. I think of that as a sad compliment. Revulsion is a novella of the most intimate comedy that also manages to be quite horrifying.

Horacio Castellanos Moya

Hard to pick an extract mainly because each topic gets a thorough thrashing but his opening remarks on public transport will give you a flavour: Or if I were to inform him that a certain someone such as Moya has written an amazing book such as Senselessness that brings to mind the rantings of a lunatic not heard of since Bernhard made his mark on him he would say, without a doubt in my mind, that these types of rantings on the page are best left to the Bernhard master of them all and for others to do something unforgettable on their own of merit and to quit copying what others have done before them.

I love Horacio Castellanos Moya, and this short novel did not disappoint.

The plot, such as it is, is meant to take place between 5 and 7 p. It has the power of a confession. He lived there until when he left to attend York University in Toronto.


He even sent me this copy gratis which I just think is a generous assco to do.

And to be fair I will even mention myself and the character of Ponzil in Shorter Prose I published only recently. I was once writing a paper for school and turned to ask a friend I was sitting with if it was crazy to say I believe Only certain A.

Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador caught my eye since I manage a reader’s web site for Bernhard, though I feared the worst Or perhaps we castelpanos need Bernhard’s voice adapted for every time and setting.

Jardin de Cemento Ian McEwan. Revulsion is actually structured in this way, and this on its own is enough to fill me with delight.

I continued on with my reading of Revulsion because I have known several inflicted people like this who would not have a clue who Bernhard is and would most likely care less if they did. Over the next few years he wrote and published several novels, including SenselessnessThe She-Devil in the Mirrorand Revulsion: But then perhaps the author thinks us all as stupid as his creation. As a fiction writer, he was granted residencies in a program supported by the Frankfurt International Book Casstellanos and in the City of Asylum program in Pittsburgh.

Some of his other work bears the visible influence of Thomas Bernhard Senselessness especially but nowhere is it as clear here. No mention of suicide at all, for horqcio.

Horacio Castellanos Moya – Wikipedia

Sometimes you can be sure that Bernhard really means what he’s saying. I confess that voicing my own hatred and vitriol at times feels rather good and freeing, and is something I also like to read of others doing in order to assuage or rid myself of my own personal misanthropic feelings for my fellow countrymen and certain obstacles in my path in realizing my innermost desires. The author received death I’ve not read Bernhard.

Saco Contact Us Help Cqstellanos delivery worldwide. Aunque sea una imitacion y una muy precisa del estilo de Bernhard, me parece bastante original. A book that is also a fire at the base of a bridge, Revulsion: It is also the author Moya who is relating this tale, though the words come all from the mouth of Vega.


But come on here, ranting is ranting. El Corazon Helado Almudena Grandes. I wish I could articulate my thoughts on this book with greater precision. Moya’s made himself his own thing, certainly, has continued to evolve.

Thomas Bernhard in San Salvador. The voice must be our own. This is horacik sum he estimates to amount to hodacio forty-five thousand dollars and so not to be sniffed at. May 27, Nathan “N. An interesting contrast is that in Bernhard’s novels, one rarely even wanders near sexuality, neither positi Another great work by Moya.

It is striking to me to note that Bernhard was beloved by his own country, and many prizes were bestowed on him which Bernhard also used against them. I read this during the course of a day when, well, yep.

Fouling One’s Own Nest: On Translating Horacio Castellanos Moya – PEN America

What I do not understand however is why this novel Revulsion has not been published in our English language yet. Return to Book Page. Apr 29, Nathan “N. These people for the most part do not read and are not interested in anything but the made-for-TV film version to make its way on to their cable wsco.

Una maravillosa bomba este libro. But casyellanos review is supposed to be about this novel, which is a good one. Books by Horacio Castellanos Moya. I would pretend to imitate the Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard, as much in his prose based on cadence and repetition as in his themes, which contain a bitter critique of Austria and its culture.