Buy How to Fossilise Your Hamster: And Other Amazing Experiments For The Armchair Scientist Main by Mick O’Hare (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s . I couldn’t wait to learn how to fossilize my hypothetical hamster. When the mailman delivered the package, I ripped open the box, flipped to the. How to Fossilise Your Hamster. And other amazing experiments for the armchair scientist. New Scientist. Edited by Mick O’Hare. Science at its.

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Despite my initial disappointment, I enjoyed reading fozsilise book. This book is from the same team that produced ‘Does Anything Eat Wasps’ and others, collections of readers questions featured in New Scientist magazine together with answers.

How to Fossilize Your Hamster: There was actually a recent rediscovery of a four-million-year-old fossilized rodent. Take the corpse to Lyme Regis and bury it.

A book about home science experiments. It had me amazed, laughing and educated my little brain. The digested read, digested: They hamste the science, but in some cases the phenomena have not been fully understood by science yet.

Remember to add an extra 21 grams for your soul if you were dim enough to take that Sean Penn film seriously. Why do yo-yos yo-yo? Most are safe to do with hamdter kids and seem like they would be quite fun. I do plan to keep the book and do some of the experiments with my kids though.


Except for fossilizing your hamster, which would take more time than most of us have. I found myself slogging through parts of this book.

Oh and buy another copy of this book for my uncle it was supposed fozsilise be his birthday presentbecause I need to keep this copy for future reference. Profile- Science – pages. Are you congenitally stupid?

How To Fossilise Your Hamster: And Other Amazing Experiments For The Armchair Scientist

now The ad claimed that along with the title activity, the book contained a cornucopia of household scientific experiments, such as extracting the iron from your breakfast cereal and measuring the speed of light using only a microwave and a chocolate bar.

He did over radio and television interviews to promote the two books. Jun 23, Ria rated it it was amazing. I experimented with a few of them on your behalf well, actually, it had more to do with a bacon sandwich and I can confirm that the suggested methods do work. I’ve picked out my fossklise eleven experiments to try, out of the seventy-eight.

How to Fossilize Your Hamster | Scienceline

Many hands-on science experiments about every day things. New Scientist, Limited preview – Somewhat witty, somewhat interesting experiments, some of which could be done at home. I was less inclined to try the experiment which involves dropping Mentos into Coca Cola to produce a 6 metre fountain.


Broken down into handy sections of the kitchen, the study, things to do in the garden etc this book has some A wonderful book written in the same vein as the other titles in the New scientist series. I’ve been told you can extract your own DNA at home. There are some of the good old kitchen experiment standbys baking soda and vinegar go boom as well as some new ones I had never heard before turning fried eggs green using cabbage juice.

Most of the experiments are designed hmaster be done in or around the home, usually with the sort of supplies and equipment which will be readily available. Here are videos of five of the experiments: A set of scales.

How to Fossilize Your Hamster

It fossiliee began with Does Anything Eat Wasps? A teaspoon of salt diluted in water. Almost guaranteed to be another best seller for Profile Books this latest book of excerpts from the New Scientist magazine has something for everyone. The Most Perfect Thing. Funny experiments you can perform at home. Books by New Scientist.