ebook: . Notes: – eBook: information, and more especially, to prevent free-energy devices of Bob’s design are shown in , but. · Comments. Sign in|Recent Site Activity|Report Abuse|Print.

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The second method for exploiting the free is shown in the patent as: You can read my original paper in SDI, look for Eytan Suchard or get an updated 50 pages paper in http: The video shows Don using a watt hand-held Tesla Coil and producing what looks like several kilowatts of power in the earth line.

Overunity, Free Energy and Perpetual Motion: The Strange Side of YouTube

If that were true, then it would be impossible to sail a yacht all the way around the world without burning any fuel, and that has been done many times and none of the driving energy came from the crews. Universities have to maintain their standing and prestige by constantly publishing research papers.

Secondarily, emissions was always a big issue. It also states that the air gap between the magnets of the rotor and the stator are a compromise in that the greater the gap, the smoother the running but the lower the power. The problem is, how to tap the energy which is freely available all around us, and get it to do useful work for us.

It only fosters more stupidity. Email required Address never made public. It will always be impossible. How it actually works is right there in the name heat PUMP.

Building an Advanced Flywheel Generator Suggestions for building an advanced flywheel generator. He powers his farm with it and has measured more than 10 kilowatts being drawn from it.


Ck the patent does not mention the OP’s thread title material, using instead terms like Ferro-Liquid, vibrating fluid, bowl of water. What a bunch of crap. However, there have been one or two requests for it to be available as a separate download, so here is Part 1 which is 4 Mb in size enefgy which contains: Yes undiscovered convertible energy is germane, It is something I said to look for before the conclusion that Thermodynamics needed be altered was required.

In the mean time, you iinfo want to read this until it makes sense:. Usually the people calling it HHO think it has recombined in a chain instead of it being a mixture of H2 and O2.

In the sales literature, the sellers state quite clearly that the heat output is substantially greater than the electrical input, typically 2. Advanced Joule Thief circuits. A lot can be said about the builds themselves.

The load is powered between the capacitor and earth. Water purity and quality. Could that add up to enough to pay back the initial generation of hydrogen with some left over?

They found that if his tube was subjected to a few seconds of high-frequency electromagnetic radiation, then it became radioactive for about one hour.

Stop trying to make free energy because that will destroy the universe!!! They test-loaded the generator with four kilowatts of electrical equipment to confirm that it worked well under load, and then moved on to a larger engine.

Notice, too, that the boys have to push the magnet shuttle with a small amount of force to get pjbook into the magnets. This I-piece is made of laminated iron slivers and has a pickup coil or coils wound around it.

The smaller magnet will go around once and stop. However, moving on, probably the most important reason for the rubbish spouted by scientists and university researchers is a human problem. The magnets are attracted to the iron cores of the electromagnets, rotating the drive shaft pjkbpok powering the motor. He cannot produce or sell the device even though he invented it.


So, how does the magnet do it? Here are some of those methods: It takes the small amount of heat in a huge volume of air the outdoors and concentrates it to be emitted in a relatively smaller place inside your home. Many things that have been said to be theoretically impossible have actually been done and the theory revised to accept the new facts.

– Free Energy

Having never seen the fluid you describe, from the description it is not a Ferrofluid, but rather a colloidal suspension of small crystal units energt NdFeB material which was never subjected to a magnetic pulse common to typical magnets constructed of such material, then broken up into particles in suspension in nonpolar fluids. We take for granted, a computer which can do a million things in one second. The HydroStar and HydroGen. If the Htto didn’t give it away, on the first page it states that a magnet “polarises the quantum environment surrounding it”.

Some time ago, it was commonly believed that the world was flat and rested on the backs of four elephants and that when earthquakes shook the ground, it was the elephants getting restless.

A quite different approach to getting fuel-less power was taken by Colman and Seddon-Gillespie who developed a tiny tube of harmless chemicals – copper, zinc and cadmium: Not sure of that. Jim’s version not only powered itself, but generated 12 kilowatts of excess electrical power.