Muslim Spain gave rise to two unusual figures in the mystical tradition of Islam: Ibn Masarra (//) and Ibn al-ʿArabī (//). Muslim Spain gave rise to two unusual figures in the mystical tradition of Islam: Ibn Masarra and Ibn al- Arab. Representing, respectively, the beginning and the. b.,Abd All¯ ah al-Jabal¯ı, known as Ibn Masarra, was born in Cordoba in / His father,Abd All¯ah traveled to the East, and had been to .

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This hierarchy is reflected in the way human society is organized.

The verse continues to say that despite the sameness of the water, God made some food irrigated by it more excellent than others: Praise be to Him, the One, the Creator, the Encompassing, who presides over all that He created, who holds the heavens and earth lest they perish Q God’s knowledge is only of universals; were he to know particulars, his oneness would be jeopardized and our moral responsibility denied. The guide of the perplexed, translated by Sh.

By using ‘aqlmasagra intellect with which God endowed human beings, they reflect on God’s signs and rise step by step to the knowledge of the Truth. After his death the jurists carried out a veritable persecution of his disciples; who had formed themselves into an ascetic order, the Masarriya, in Cordoba and later in Almeria.

He thus concludes that the water has [something like] fire, that moves it up, contrary to the [natural] motion of water. His throne encompasses all things; lofty it rises above them and holds them in rein. The thrust of his philosophy was to show the agreement between masatra and revelation.


As above in paragraph 5, here, too, eschatological aspects are closely intertwined with contemplation.

Ibn Masarra

There are signs in the earth. Thus we find here a concentration of terms and ideas introduced above. By studying the enigmatic letters at the beginning of the Qur’anic surahs, one can decipher mzsarra secret knowledge of the truth symbolized by them.

Therefore it is necessary that his encompassing should be above all encompassing, and his loftiness above all loftiness. The mysterious letters, according to the Batini school, represented the universe so that its entirety is a book whose letters are God’s words. The regions of the earth do not contain nor masarrw Him. These are used by God to manifest his knowledge: Jahrhun- dert Hidschra, vol. We also wish to thank our research students who assisted us at various stages of the research: Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press; forthcoming.

What were you doing?! His influence on Ibn al-‘Arabi is attested by the many references to him in the latter’s works and by similarity in a number of ideas, especially in the continuous use of similes of light and illumination to describe the essence of God. A neoplatonic philosopher of the early tenth century.

Ibn Masarra, Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allah ()

On this seminal text, see also P. And they ponder the creation of heavens and earth [saying]: O peo- ple, Worship your Lord who created you and those who preceded you, so that you may fear Him, Who spread down the earth for you, and built above you the sky, and made water descend from the sky; by this water he brought forth crops to provide for you Q 2: Aix-en Provence,pp.


Halm, The Fatimids and their traditions of learning. In the commentary we have added hermeneu- tic, comparative and contextual notes regarding specific points raised by the text.

Ibn Masarra, Muhammad ibn ‘Abd Allah (–) – Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

We wish to thank J. The other is the science of the apparent and sensible reality ‘ilm al-shahada Surah 6: It is disjoint, restricted to boundaries which it cannot transgress, and enclosed within a limit which it cannot cross.

For it is impos- sible for these seven firmaments, with their weight and the size of their bodies, to hold themselves No mortal can attain knowledge of the science of the Book unless he brings together what is recounted with contemplation, and verifies that which he hears by that which he beholds. Both are short tracts which have provided a better understanding ign his thought, but because of their conciseness they raise new questions.