Imbert Gasifier – The constricted hearth, downdraft gasifier in the figure below ( more detail can be found in the FEMA plans) is sometimes called the Imbert. This website is dedicated to the construction of wood gasifiers that can be used to run a gasoline engine with. Woodgas has been around for a long time and it. It can be a stand-alone gasifier, heating water by cooling the gas, to be used to . is often the case in the upper throat of an Imbert or constricting throat gasifier.

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Very little to no tar mess to be disposed of or dealt with.

Gasifier Breakthrough

Plans and manuals for constructing some of these designs are available from several groups Mother If the residence time in the hot zone is too short or the temperature too low, then medium sized molecules can escape and will condense as tars and oils, in gasifler low temperature parts of the system. This leads to a higher pressure drop for larger hearths, placing an upper size limit on nozzle-fed downdraft gasifiers when gas flow is provided by engine vacuum.

The maximum hearth load is limited by many factors, such as the mechanical integrity of the char bed structure within the gasifier, degree of agitation, and the time available for conversion. The filtering must be good enough to capture the tar to protect the engine from being gummed up.

Imbert hourglass hearth variations. This and the exhaust-scrubbing advantage to condensing the exhaust is the reason the heat-exchanger on this furnace is so huge 84 sq. This principle is extremely important for efficiency, quality of gas, cleanliness of burn and greatly extended turn-down ratio. You have to use harsh solvents such as gasoline to clean it off and when you stink your house up with the smell of tar and gasoline your spouse will make you give up your gasifier project and dreams or else they will KILL you and bury you in the back yard with it and tell your family that you left the country.

One of the most simple gasifier designs out there. Most DIY builders gaifier with the inverted V hearth as it is significantly easier to make than the compound curve traditional imbert hourglass.

Closely related to hearth area Am is the cross-sectional area of the air nozzles tuyeres Am. If the bridge burns through, the gas is greatly diluted and cooled by excess air, which can totally rob the fuel gas of energy.


Generally two methods are employed to obtain an even temperature distribution: The greater the degree of char reduction, the smaller the resulting particles and the higher the ash, as shown in Fig.

This occurs because the combination of lower temperatures and low fow rate favors methane and tar production. As long as the gas load is kept the same, but fuel bit mean size is decreased, the reaction surface is greatly increased. This is quite different from conditions created by a larger volume of cool air, with its oxygen content creating combustion to supply the yasifier along with lots of diluting nitrogen and CO2.

He comes to the conclusion that the three types differ mainly in maximum allowable hearth load, giving values of B max. For complete control the air nozzles need to be length adjustable toward the center too.

Biomass- and waste-fueled energy has the potential to contribute much more to global green energy demands. Design ash-collecting areas to be easily cleaned. Of the three fundamental thermodynamic ingredients of Time, Temperature and Turbulence, Time is too often neglected in favor of Turbulence, as in the jet of speedy air shooting from the tuyers of a downdraft gasifier.

The fuel is not quite as robust because the tar is a wasted “potential” fuel. Normal “Imbert” type generators show minimum values of B g in the range of 0.

Contrary to expectations, adding all this heat and insulation does not deteriorate the materials of construction as much as allowing local hot spots of ,F combustion, which is far above the required gasification temperatures of – F.

A filter containing a fine mesh is used to remove the last traces of any ash or dust that may have passed through the cooling unit. However, one should remember that hearth dimensions also play a role in the gas production rate see imberg.

I have incorporated ceramic parts in the hottest parts because my experience has been that stainless steel gasifjer too fast. This reduces the need for more exotic heat tolerant fab materials. The table was calculated from data available on gasifiers that have been thoroughly tested and lists the maximum superficial velocity and heating load reported.

Therefore, a little agitation can effectively increase the maximum specific hearth load. No concerns of the fire climbing up through the wood hopper due to the gasigier hopper being a sealed oxygen free fuel holding vessel.


About one-third of the way up from the bottom of the gasifier unit, there is a set of radially directed air nozzles; these inject air into the wood as it moves downward to be gasified. The total time of approximately 40 minutes is needed to achieve full gas production capacity. Imbery above F rapidly oxidize metals and thermal-shock ceramic, as when cool fuel suddenly lands on orange-hot refractory or cool air rushes in an empty open hopper.

Although the change in efficiency is small, the benefit of reducing tar production is substantial. In order to avoid cold spots in the oxidation zone, air inlet velocities and the reactor geometry must be well chosen. The wood-fuel is loaded from the feed hopper to the gasifier automatically, to match the gasifiers consumption and to balance the requirement of the wood gas engines. Yes, the top half of an Inbert. What I keep seeing is on three of the times we let Marcus Bryners GEK consume down to out of fuel it was possible to look in and see gasiifier glowing cone of char in the reduction cone oxidizing and shrinking away.

Since this first version of the gasifier has a thin-shelled ceramic hopper lining, large heavy chunks of fuel should not be dropped in, especially without a cushioning coal-bed.

The best gasifier utilizes these reactions optimally, along with preheating the fuel and air, for a high energy gas.

Imbert hourglass hearth variations

This is one page of the website that I’ve been looking forward to doing a write-up on. When imbett fluid is cooled, it contracts, gets heavier and travels downward, also augmenting natural draft.

In a gas generator for vehicle use, the downstroke of the engine’s pistons creates the suction force which moves the air into and through the gasifier unit; during startup of the gasifier, a blower is used to create the airflow.

If tarry gas is produced from this type of gasifier, common practice is to reduce the hearth constriction area until a low-tar gas is produced. These “simplifications” are “lost” when returning to a full Imbert hearth.

Steam and CO2 are primary combustion enhancers, speeding heat transfer significantly by their bipolar molecular property of absorbing and radiating radiant energy. A more theoretical approach is given by Groeneveld 17 who points out the importance of the fuel size.