In Imperialism and Global Political Economy Alex Callinicos intervenes in one of the main political and intellectual debates of the day. Imperialism and Global Political Economy, Polity Press: Cambridge,. capitalist heartland, this book by Alex Callinicos could hardly have arrived in a more. Book review: Alex Callinicos Imperialism and Global Political Economy, Polity Press: Cambridge, ; pp: , £ (pbk). Show all authors.

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Imperialism and Global Political Economy by Alex Callinicos

This book is both a valuable contribution to our understanding of modern imperialism and a powerful weapon ecconomy the struggle to end it. But it does not follow that this competition must necessarily take the form of conflict, ultimately military, among a relatively small number of roughly equal Great Powers or coalitions of Great Powers — as it did in the lead-up to both the First and Second World Wars.

Harman, Explaining the Crisis Londonand R. Ferguson, Colossus Londonp.

Charlie Burton rated it it was amazing Apr 11, This was a fundamental mistake that has, ever since, continued to plague proper understanding.

Max rated it it was amazing Apr 18, This shift gave France and Germany a strong incentive to develop greater autonomy from the US — but it also made this harder to achieve, given the existence of a bloc of EU states more closely aligned with Washington and led by Britain, whose cooperation would be essential to any serious attempt to enhance European military capabilities.

Imperialism and global political economy

In this book Callinicos gglobal the history of Imperialism, both as a political concept, and as a force that shaped, and continues to shape, the world we live in. May 13, Tess rated it really liked it Shelves: He then outlines a theory of the relationship between capitalism as an economic system and the international state system, carving out a distinctive position compared to other contemporary theorists of empire and imperialism such as Antonio Negri, David Harvey, Giovanni Arrighi, and Ellen Wood.


Nikos Loudos rated it it was amazing Mar 16, They elaborate their own alternative approach thus:. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Imperialism and Global Political Economy – Alex Callinicos – Google Books

The conclusion that Panitch and Gindin draw from this analysis is not to invite us, in the face of the evidence, to conclude that all alx well with the contemporary imperial order:. Imperialism, he concludes, is far from dead. If these arguments are correct, the implications are very serious for Panitch and Gindin.

Polittical ask other readers questions about Imperialism and Global Political Economyplease sign up. Panitch and Gindin are also dismissive of the increasingly important role played by the central banks of China and other East Asian states in financing the US fiscal and trade deficits: In Imperialism and Global Political Economy Alex Callinicos intervenes in one of the main political and intellectual debates of the day.

It is inherent in the nature of imperialism that impedialism involves economic and geopolitical competition among a plurality of major capitalist states.

First of all, imperialiwm adherence — identified as 2 above — to a supply-side theory of crisis is a crucial move. Harvey, as the passage cited at the start of this paper makes calliniocs clear, conceives the relationship between the logics of territorial and capitalist power as a dialectical one in which the two potentially contradict one another.

All these weighty strategic analyses could be so much epiphenomenal fluff, beneath which lies the reality of a secure and invincible American empire.


See the critical responses collected in G. You are currently using the site but have requested a page in the site.

Imperialism and Global Political Economy

Sep po,itical, Darin is currently reading it. Remarks of this nature rather put into perspective any predictions that the future course of capitalist development will be pacific.

For a comparative account of these two theories, see A. But — whatever might or might not have been true in the past — name a serious contemporary Marxist political economist who thinks otherwise the implication that such exist is the caricature. But is this belief true, and what does ‘imperialism’ mean?

Moreover, it is important to understand that, whatever is eccentric, aberrant, or disputed about the neocon worldview relative to the broader US national security elite, it is not this concern with addressing the problem of potential peer competitors. Accordingly, this article is devoted to assessing this critique and the alternative analysis it seeks to support.

The first is the impact of the long-term structural crisis of profitability and over-accumulation, itself to a significant extent a consequence of the emergence from the s onwards of Japan and Germany as major economic competitors pllitical the US. Pete Ramand rated it really liked it Jan 20, Insofar as remarks of this kind imply a rejection of instrumentalist conceptions caklinicos the state that treat it as a mere tool in the hands of big business, the point is well taken.