Intertherm CSA is a novel high performance coating that is applied using standard application equipment and cures effectively at ambient temperatures. Product Name: Intertherm CSA Grey Aluminium Part A Product Code: HTA Language: English Regulation: GHS/CLP Manufacturer: International Paints. Product Name: Intertherm CSA ALUMINIUM PART A. Product Code: HTA Language: English. Regulation: GHS/CLP. Manufacturer: International Paint.

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This layer is very thin, only a few molecules, and it doesn’t need much EMF to get it to conduct. The 50 year old coating still looks fine! I like aluminum pigmented silicone as a sealer.

Fight effects of high heat, CUI with Intertherm® 751CSA

The results so far are outstanding. At those rates, CSA doesn’t stand much of untertherm chance IF it’s feasible to do insitu and can get past the JSA and permitting issues of a live petrochem plant. 71 vessel was reinsulated with no maintenance work done to the coating. Rob, Very recently the Australian Institute of Engineers has held a seminar in Melbourne for static equipment, piping engineers and associated painting, etc I saw that same pipe a few months ago and it still looks perfect after three years of atmospheric exposure!

It is pretty evident that there is no longer lasting, less expensive coating than intdrtherm TSA. No thanks, I don’t want to hear about offers and services.

I shall dig a bit deeper in it. This reduces many of the safety risks, so I will only discuss risk reduction in respect to flame spray. Download Now Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting. MSDS includes information such as intertberm point, boiling point, and flash point of a hazardous material.

Intertherm CSA has been specifically designed to provide a corrosion resistant barrier when used to protect steelwork beneath thermal insulation in areas subjected to wet and dry cycling. The “International” rep presented the CSA as a novelty in this country and just as you said, it failed to mention that the process is a paint application and has nothing in common with the thermal spray of aluminium, particularly in CUI applications.


Instructions on what protective equipments should be used to handle the materials.

Intertherm 751CSA

So, driving away sheets of intertjerm with the TSA, I sprayed on the wet and rusting pipe. By the way, rustbloom is strictly cosmetic.

I have made myself a promise to ensure that employers’ and the public are provided with the necessary knowledge and tools to make their workplaces safer. Can it be readily used in congested plant areas or is 75 best in unconfined spaces? Kenvlach – many thanks for your post.

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Surfaces received Sa 2. G’day from an ex ExxonMobil “relative” from Australia Moseley we were sold off a couple of years back Thanks for entering into the discussion. Interthem people are accustomed to dealing with flammable gasses.

Thank you for helping keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts. It only acts as an anode when the current and voltage potential is high enough to get through the oxide layer.

Fight effects of high heat, CUI with Intertherm® CSA – BIC Magazine

Some other, under insulation paints with similar corrosion and heat resistance: Defense manufacturing is all about project manufacturing and project accounting.

Back to Search Results. I strongly believe that health and safety is the responsibility of every single employer. I note that Australian petrochem companies are agreeing that TSA is world’s best practice for CUI prevention and mitigation, but I don’t see many dedicated TSA mobs in the low cost vain you talk about popping up – so there’s still a reluctance to use it from what I can gather.

It somehow appears to be a trumped up application, perhaps trying to pull some coals under their cooking bowl, from under the hot TSA. That’s why they push me to train more and more applicators, so they can bid against each other and charge some realistic prices. Here are the key items that we usually discuss; Fire — The flame spray process has a small, open flame about mm long which can ignite flammable materials.


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If you do get through the TSA, the aluminum anode tends to passivate the steel in the cut and slow or stop the corrosion cell. International state that it’s cheaper than TSA and has other preferential benefits like insitu application I am desperate for some help!!!

Everyone is aware of this and it is seldom a concern. The way you describe it, the technique is intertberm just an extension of what they are already doing The only place these thermal spray interthdrm are turning up seems to be where I am training them! No one get’s out of it alive. Typically applied direct interther, metal, as a one or two coat system, Intertherm CSA is particularly effective in maintenance situations when used to mitigate the damaging effects of corrosion under insulation CUI.

I only recommend sealers when a coating needs good cosmetics and it won’t be covered with insulation. Contact permission We’d love to send you exclusive intettherm and the latest info relating to health and safety and safety data sheets by email and other electronic means. I presume you’ve posted in other forums – hope you find an answer to the inherent issues there.

Plant safety people that were extremely concerned about dust explosions have completely changed their minds once they saw the flame spray process in action.