is restricted. The magnetic assembly of the H incorporates JBL’S unique. Symmetrical Field Geometry (SFG), which reduces second har- monic distortion to. Wanting low distortion and clear hifi -purpose sound from an JBL H, what would be the best dividing frequency? Between to hz. Subwoofer JBL H. General specifications: diameter 12 inches, maximum power W. Thiele-Small parameters: frequency of self resonance Fs=50 Hz.

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Never was this equipment on the road or did any serious traveling. Sometimes this offset becomes permanant, killing the ability of the speaker to deliver linear cone travel. Start with an 18mH coil alayou may want more or less mid band.

JBL’s spec sheet, including a frequency response curve and porting recommendations, can be found at http: And recommended box size for that application, sealed enclousure For sale are multiple JBL H loudspeaker drivers. Since then we have expanded twice and we now currently own our All drivers have been previously used by a professional sound company and have been professionally reconed. I keep my extra drivers in nice rows on shelves in the garage.

I may go for it. It is massive for a 12″ here are some specs watt continuous woofer 8ohm 4″ voice coil 60hz to hz frequency range 99 DB Sensitivity rating at 1 watt.


Steel Guitars For Sale: This speaker was just professionally rebuilt using non-original parts. As far as keeping them on end goes, I have seen older woofers in cabinets that were always in the same orientation and they definitely sag.

MTE – Atlanta Inventory

Comes exactly as pictured. Now in business for 8 years. And we have even bigger plans for the fut. All items are sold with Ebay’s 14 day refund policy unless otherwise specified.

Images : JBL 2202H

It has been fully tested and it works and sounds great. Then biamp with a variable freq. I really can’t recommend using both of these in one system.

Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Replacing the stock paper dust cover with an aluminum dome jbk push the frequency response upwards jl bit to more closely match that of the D and K series 12″ speakers. The kit used features a 4″ edge-wound 8 ohm voice coil with a 5.

Basically it is acting to shield the from the LF chamber as opposed to providing any significant damping. It may show some minor signs of wear and tear from normal use. What woofer are you using?

JBL H 12″ Aftermarket Recone Kit – Speaker Exchange

Usually the DCR is in the 0. That being said, if you are not a fan of lots of high end in your tone it might be a great match for you. I would recone all 4 s to either or my choice would be the put all four in separate cabinets tuned to Hz. The published response curve is 60Hz to 4kHz, as opposed to the published 50Hz to 6kHz of a K, although the measurement paradigm was changed in the interim.


Posted 3 Apr As always do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions. All equipment is fully tested to make sure all components are operating properly unless otherwise specified.

All of these drivers are tested to be working. As they are considered part of the description! Going to check out speakers tomorrow so I will update.

We have a full line drum shop, pro jb department, an in house full service tech shop with over 80 years of combined experience, and a constantly changing and new stock of used gear. In answer to your question nbl, JBL uses the H in a 1. And recommended box size for that application, sealed enclousure — Wanting low distortion and clear hifi -purpose sound from an JBL H, what would be the best dividing frequency?

Posted 7 Apr 8: Posted 4 Apr For parts or not working Location: Please ask all appropriate questions before bidding. All times are GMT It would be nice to design your system so there aren’t any inductors in the LF at all. Posted 3 Apr 6: