Little Red Book of Selling has ratings and reviews. Gil said: I was so I disliked Jeffrey Gitomer’s book Principles of Sales Greatness. The content. Jeffrey Gitomer is a professional speaker, sales management expert, and widely- known best-selling author. The Little Red Book of Selling . LITTLE RED BOOK OF SELLING. Principle of Sales Greatness. Jeffrey Gitomer. Bard Press, , pp., ISBN

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The reason he told me for the one-day incentive was that he only wanted decisive people in his class.

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Also he keeps hinting that you have to go to his webpage to learn more. You just Make that: Rather he gives importance to value for the customer more specifically appealing to the likings of the consumer.

Gittomer gets in your face once more.

By doing so, you make yourself seem like a credible source of information, eliminate any possible competition, and get to know the buyer on a personal level, in turn closing a sale. This isn’t just a book one reads.

But I’m not in sales at the moment. I highly recommend this novel to anyone interested in behaviors of buyers and sellers, even of you are not a sales rep. Tried and test advice It’s also a very self-congratulatory text. And they invite along the people they want to network with.

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Contrary to the idea that price is the most important aspect of a sale, Gitomer argues that value and relationship are far more important than the price tag in this chapter. Adra Young Author of: Apr 01, MsSmartiePants Have the answers your prospects and customers need.

Jeffrey Gitomer’s little red book of selling: Testimonials are so powerful that most of the best companies in the world spend millions every year getting celebrities and sports figures to market their stuff. To begin his book, Gitomer presents the question of why people buy.

With this said, he believes that prospective consumers have to buy the salesperson before they move forward to buying the product, all coming back to the main idea of developing a strong seller-buyer relationship. But send them information about how they profit and they will read it.

What’s your biggest fear? I have a feeling it will be an indespensible reference tool This book is great. Reduce their risk and you’ll convert selling to buying Basically, anyone who deals with people can benefit from reading through it.

3 Sales Lessons from The Little Red Book of Selling – Coracle Marketing

Online sales training lessons are available at www. Following are tidbits from the book. It allows for quick bursts of reading. And yes, he also states the oof fundamentals: If you can make them laugh, you can make them buy. Personal Branding is not complicated, unless you take a course in it.


Gitomer is probably one of the best sale people AND motivational leaders writing books today. The problem is, whatever it was, probably worked because it was different.

He also says that in selling one should take risks because the outcomes can be beneficial. I’m trying to think of the demographic that Gitomer was trying to target with his gimmicky salesy approaches Sure, this guy has sold more stuff than I have.

But they lose their power if not used in an appropriate manner. As a customer, I hate a hard sell. The third principle is about personal branding in sales.

Keys: Summary of the Little Red Book of Sales

Following along with the third principle, the fourth principle is about value and relationship as opposed to price. I carry this book around with me almost all bokk time. Book that can serve as a gift to anyone Gitomer continues to impress me with his witty knowledge and savvyness. I believe my sales rep.

Unfortunately, he also used a rough cloth cover that distracted me while I was trying to read. His ideas were absolutely cutting edge. Apr 30, Linda rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: