Jilly Cooper is a journalist, author and media superstar. The author of many number one bestselling was appointed OBE in for services to. The Rutshire Chronicles is the name given to a series of romantic novels by Jilly Cooper. Riders (); Rivals (; also known as Players); Polo (); The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous (); Appassionata (); Score! (). Rivals is a novel by the English author Jilly Cooper. It is the second of the Rutshire Chronicles, a series of books set in the fictional English county of Rutshire.

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Listening to very bad narration makes you realize how much of the delights of Cooper’s novels come from her plays on language and her whip-sharp understanding of how class, culture and language intermingle.

Rivals (Rutshire Chronicles #2) by Jilly Cooper

The jilly is appalling. Only 2 of the books i have struggled with as they were to do with Classic Music and Opera but the story’s themselves kept me hooked They’ve helped me through some crappy times. Retrieved 18 January I cannot say this is a classic but it is really well written and Jilly’s choice of language and phrasing is great.

The exclamation mark was too much to bear. One star deduction for excessive length. I rivxls read this in my teens in the 80s and loved it.

Retrieved from ” https: Sadly I have to put the re-read on hold for a while due to extreme review reading but I will no doubt be back to them soon when I shall enter the world of Perdita and Polo once more.

Of course, Rupert was the arch-villain in “Riders” and in “Rivals” he’s made to appear quite nice. For the badminton player, see Jillie Cooper. It was the first Jilly Cooper I ever read and although I’ve read them all since it remains my favourite. The first version of Riders was written bybut shortly after Cooper had finished it, she took it with her into the West End of London and left the manuscript on a bus. I’ve had Jilly Cooper on my list to read for a long time. Declan and Cameron detest each other, provoking a storm of controversy into which Rupert plunges with his usual abandon.


So what do a load of posho showjumping types do when faced with such dastardly deeds? Will Rupert boff every woman that crosses his path?! But when she temporarily loses her job and moves in with Rupert, she becomes someone who can shop and cook and cares deeply about the quality of her cooking. I wonder why they changed the title–Rivals was a much better title.

After reading some heavy duty historical fiction novels, I wanted something on the lighter side and the two books filled the bill. This article about a romance novel is a stub. Nov 11, Rhode rated it it was amazing Shelves: It’s very educational though.

Leo Cooper —, his death [1]. She is most famous for writing the Rutshire Chronicles. Following on a few years from where Riders leaves off, Rivals throws us back into the saddle see what I did there in Rutshire, where Rupert Campbell-Black is now Tory of course Minister for Sport.

Jilly Cooper

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Your subscription rivzls Read More was successful. Her novel Pandora is not one of the Rutshire Chronicles, but does feature a few characters from the series, and is very similar in style and content.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Found my copy, read it ages ago, brought home to re-read sometime. She’s so unlike anyone he’d be interested in. Watching swaggering serial shagger Rupert try to convince himself that he only has father-like feelings for innocent 19 year old Taggie, as well as the discovery of the dried leaves in his drawer and the airport arrivals scene had me sighing and swooning as much now as they did then, making me feel all warm n’ fuzzy n’ squishy inside.


One jillyy the rivsls reasons that I picked up this book was to find out what happened with Rupert’s wronged wife Helen. There is a whole big thing about a television station bid that, my goodness, could of been pared down except the author seems to want to impress us with her research o I read until my eyes are bleeding.

Television adaptations of Cooper’s novels are relatively few but have been jillu by national network ITV.

Rutshire Chronicles

The only slight dissapointment is the lack of references to horses and show jumping compared to Riders. It makes rials disappointed that Taggie doesn’t appear more often in later books, she’s a lot feistier than I thought. The very best of Jilly’s fiction IMO. Declan and Cameron detest each other, provoking a storm of controversy into which Rupert plunges with his usual abandon.

Leo Cooper was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in Along with his friends, disgruntled Corinium employees and people Tony has pissed off too often, Declan sets up a rival station, determin Tony Baddingham runs Corinium TV with an iron hand, but is more interested in making money than making programmes. Rivals Book Summary and Jillg Guide.

Well, turns out she’s happily married and that’s about it. Of course, there is a naughty fairytale element to the story – nice things happen to nice people Taggie and Rupert ; those who are conflicted coopwr difficult learn how to become better people Cameron Cook ; while the bad guys are ousted Tony. It’s not really a series as each novel stands alone, rivald many of the same characters do recur. Because Rupert finds true love!