Jadoo has 68 ratings and 4 reviews. Duncan said: A battered first-edition, ex- public library. Which only added to its charm. Loved this book. Old-fashion. John Keel () was a Fortean journalist (and personal inspiration) best known for But Keel’s first book, Jadoo, is my absolute favorite. I’m happy to announce that a new edition of John Keel’s Jadoo, edited by Patrick Huyghe, is now available from Anomalist Books. Jadoo was.

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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. He was interested in magic illusion and had his first story published in a magicians’ magazine at age All right, I’ve heard there’s a more modern edition that has a bunch of romantic subplot musings by Keel added in from an earlier manuscript.

No, John never did revisit his old Jadoo haunts. More than 2, books were reviewed in the course of his investigation, in addition to thousands of magazines, newsletters, and newspapers.

Jadoo by John Keel ()

Index of ufology articles. It saddens me that he only wrote a few books. It jihn more likely that we see what we want to see and interpret such visions according to our contemporary beliefs. It shall take future academic studies to fully realize his reach among the subculture that respects and are denizens of his ongoing intellectual playground.


Signet,rev. Seriah Azkath rated it it was amazing Jan 06, It was later, as Keel more fully revealed the tale of the sightings and concurrent phenomena, that other elements came into the mix.

Keel would go on to become a scriptwriter for radio and television, and a stringer for newspapers. The Man Uncovering The Myths”. Fawcett Gold Medal, Keel was arguably one of the most widely read and influential ufologists since the johj s. Strange Creatures From Time and Space.

Fred rated it liked it Aug 22, Are we pawns in a celestial game? They were very sad to leave each other. But this book is before all that. Out of print, and sometimes hard to find, I finally picked up a reasonably priced copy of it.

Five Years Ago: John A. Keel Dies

In jaeoo projects Wikiquote. Return to Book Page. Joseph rated it liked it Jan 10, In this dark work, John Keel explores these phenomena, and in doing so reveals the shocking truth about our present position and future destiny in the cosmic scheme of things.

It doesn’t take away from the main “adventure” story. Inhe published Jadooa book describing his time in Egypt and India investigating the Indian rope trick and the legendary yeti. Duffy rated it liked it Dec 31, Love him or hate him, John Keel was popular and one of the jonh widely read and influential Fortean authors of the late 20th century.


Sanderson, quietly for months, trying to determine what kind of bird might be involved with the sightings. I guess you could call it a romantic subplot. These exchanges between Keel and his fellow writers and researchers, even as intellectual disagreements and different paths took many of us on varied journeys, cemented 40 years of solid friendships among a small group of dedicated Fortean writers.

Jadoo by John Keel (1957)

Operation Trojan Horsethat popularized the idea that many aspects of contemporary UFO reports, including humanoid encounters, often paralleled ancient folklore and religious encounters.

Fernando Fernandes rated it really liked it Feb 03, Keel will be missed. There’s a honed, commercial edge to his writing, which gives the impression he probably isn’t the kind of author who lets reality obstruct a gripping story.

The world Keel describes is pretty much vanished now, which today offers us yet another johj of exoticism — of an elegiac kind. There is a chapter entitled “Ingrid” that is supposedly not in the original.