EFG k – Electric Three-Wheel Counterbalanced Truck (2,–3, lbs. ) Jungheinrich® proprietary. AC technology. Maximum performance and. EFG // Electric three-wheel counterbalance truck with twin-coupled rear wheels ( / / kg). Compact, three-phase AC rear-wheel. operator compartment. These are the strengths of the Jungheinrich electric fork- lift trucks EFG k/– The advan- tages: high manoeuvrability, optimum.

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Compact nested mast profile with outstanding visibility. Get our news Subscribe now. Ergonomics Electronic hydraulic controls offer the highest level of operational ease. The ergonomic and performance-enhancing cockpit is characterised by a low entry height jungheihrich only mm.

Jungheinrich EFG MP GE ZZ used 3 wheel forklift truck Electric –

Single or double pedal operation. Programmable performance parameters ensure flexibility. Pure Energy Our Pure Juhgheinrich technology concept enables us to achieve the best possible energy efficiency coupled with maximum performance:.

Simple, space-saving charging via side door.

Ergonomic and easily adjustable operating jungheinridh A choice of five changeable travel programs. Deactivation of the hydraulic functions if seat is unoccupied. Easy access for maintenance. Important features contributing to the enhanced visibility include compact profile nesting and an optimised chain and hose guide as well as two viewing windows in the cross member.


Jungheinrich EFG 115 SP Specifications & Technical Data (2001-2018)

Awareness Curve Control automatically reduces speed while turning corners, helping to ensure control over loads. Maintenance-free braking system Three maintenance-free braking systems make braking safe and comfortable: Smooth activation of all control commands without moving the hand.

Where applicable, value shown is maximum fork height available as an optional mast. Compact three-phase AC powered, rear-wheel drive fork lift truck Optimum energy efficiency Ergonomic workstation Compact dimensions Processor-controlled, upgradeable 151 electronics. Compare Cart Juungheinrich chat. The access control system only unlocks the truck after a sequence of safety checks.

At the same time, our Pure Energy technology concept enables us to achieve the best possible energy and cost efficiency coupled with maximum performance.

We offer all 11 our Trucks on Long term hire. USB port for external power supply optional. The EFG k series provides excellent performance, high efficiency and incredible maneuverability — all in one package.

EFG 110/ 113/ 115

Give the team a call to see if they can help. Relaxed, fatigue-free work, even during long shifts due to ergonomically designed workstation: Various battery changing options using pedestrian pallet trucks, fork lifts or cranes.

Some products may be shown with optional equipment. Drive and lift motor with 3-phase AC technology with excellent thermal economy no fans required.


Hydraulic steering with fully encapsulated cog-wheel system. This is verified by VDI cycle tests: Standard comfort high roof for superior headroom. Omission of motor fans. Counterbalance, Reach trucks and Pallet trucks are all available for sale and hire. Automatic reduction of the travel speed when cornering with Jungheinrich Curve Control.

The tilt angle is shown on a separate display. Dirt, damp and water-resistant motors due to encapsulated design and electronic components complying to IP Resistant to dust, dirt and damp. Reduced steering noise and more legroom due to elimination of hydraulic junggheinrich in the foot-well. Particularly comfortable operation thanks to integration of all main controls into the armrest which moves with the operator.

Do you already use all the options which are of benefit to you? This is due to excellent stability and safety.

The comfort display is configured for viewing when looking in the direction of the forks. Maintenance-free drive with junhheinrich enclosed 3-phase AC motors with no carbon brushes.

Combination of all drive and hydraulic functions into one central control lever. Progressive lowering brake valve, allows equal lowering speed with and without load.