Never Split the Difference by Chris Voss Motivational Interviewing by William R. Miller Just Listen by Mark Goulston A Manual for Creating Atheists by Peter. Goulston, a psychologist, consultant, author and frequent contributor on TV, has written an insightful and example-laden book that explores. Embrace Possibility book notes for Mark Goulston’s Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone.

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For example, you think you’re confident, energetic, and passionate, but others see you as arrogant, hyper, and impulsive. He also does a very tactful job of pointing out that it might not be the other person who is the problem in this situation. The same goes for an apology. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience.

Respond to someone who is mad and defensive with something neutral like “Hmmm” or “Tell me more” or “Really? Refresh and try again. One key to reaching people is to be reachable yourself. One simple example is to use the word “Hmmm” as someone starts to tell you something, and to encourage them to tell you more. Do so, and they’ll give you what you need. boulston

Just Listen : Mark Goulston :

Wish I had goulstln these things 10 years ago One of those rare books I listen to and then buy goulstkn hard copy so I can reread sections. Feb 07, Victoria rated it it was amazing.


Some of his lines seem better in a textbook than active use, but others are purely brilliant. An article would have sufficiently covered the context. Keep pushing for what you want until you receive a “no. We can’t wait to comment or voice an opinion without having heard it all.

Book Review: Just Listen by Mark Goulston

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Start to think about damage control and making the best of the situation. Make the other person feel felt. Cause lksten to look up with their eyes and reflect on your question – you’ll make a better connection with them than if your question is transactional. One of his areas of expertise is training FBI and police hostage negotiators to handle life-or-death situations. Preview — Just Listen by Mark Goulston. I strongly recommend not just on reading this book but in practicing the lessons here.

Make everyone feel valuable. Book ratings by Goodreads. Either way of how Goulston offers a great reminder: It also occurs when you think you perceive someone else accurately, but the other person doesn’t agree. By taking the time to understand who they are, what they want and how you fit into that puzzle, you’ll be better suited for an equally beneficial relationship.

Every human being will benefit from lessons of empathy jolt, reverse play, etc. This really spoke to me, I appreciated the authors tone and ideas. If you want to learn how to reach out to people in your family, work, community, or even total strangers, you will definitely learn a lot of useful lessons from Mark Goulston gouleton his book Just Listen.


Breathe deeply and with each exhale, let it go.

Just Listen: Discover the Secret to Getting Through to Absolutely Anyone

Looking forward to getting my copy! You can apply the practical principles of this book to your personal and professional relationships. If everyone read this, and adopted its advice, the world would be a better place. This not only attracted the audience but also showed how kust is real great communicator who care reader’s think, for example from Sect I: Share your own vulnerabilities bare your neck. Lists with This Book. Previous article – Next article.

In return, they’ll often be willing to go to the ends of the world for you With the help of this groundbreaking book readers will be able to turn the “impossible” and “unreachable” people in their lives into allies, devoted customers, loyal colleagues, and lifetime friends.