Solution for Businesses Looking for Complete Control. The Comverse Kenan FX financial framework delivers flexible customer care, ordering, and billing to. Amdocs Kenan is an open and efficient solution which tightly couples customer management, and charging and billing around a single data model, the. Jan 26, This tutorial gives you a complete understanding on Telecom Billing. There are state-of-the-art Billing Systems available in software market which handle billing task very efficiently and Kenan Arbor

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This is most important type of charge which would be applied base on the usage of the service. Next chapter would explain discount process which is actually a part of rating and billing process but I kept it as a separate section because of various items needs more explanation. All the prices are defined based on products and their packages as well. There are a number of situations that may cause duplicate events to be submitted to the Billing system: CDRs that are only billable for Interconnect providers.

Each package can consist of any number of products and these products can be taken from more than one product family. Billing systems are often viewed as accounts receivable, as the billing system assists in the collection receipt of money from customers.

Following section would give you an idea on different concepts which are closely related to tariff definition: Create a free website or blog at WordPress.


These discounts can be given at usage only. This needs more number of papers to be printed. Convergent billing means creating a unified view of the customer and all services Mobile, Fixed, IP, etc.

Most of the time, this is the default mode for the Billing Engine. For example, a pay TV product may have an attribute recording its set-top box number. Calls in day time usually called peak time, will be charged on higher rate and in night time ie.


A Postpaid as well as prepaid connections have their own advantages and disadvantages. For in-arrears charging, the product charges are applied for a period up to at least the day before the current nominal bill date or bill request date for non-periodic bills. All the usage CDRs and other information is dumped into data warehouse from where reports can be generated to prepare invoice.

Now let us consider a situation where an operator is charging a customer in advance for the whole month, but customer leaves in the middle of the month after using a service for 10 days. So billing system should provide an option to configure particular prices to be pro-ratable as well as non-proratable and let the operator choose what suites them best.

If prices are non-proratable, billing system would charge the customer for the whole month which would not be fair with the customer. Tele Sales Practice Tests. After an invoice is generated and dispatched to the customer, ideally, all customers will receive their bills and pay promptly. As such, this is not necessarily a complete system, but it could be a kind of custom component, which sits in between the Billing System and different payment channels like banks, credit card gateway, shops, and retailers, etc.

So far, it has been a dream of all the big telecom operators to achieve true convergence.


Examples of rate include charge for the duration of the telephone call: Periodic bill Produced at regular intervals.

There could be various types of bill available for a user. The Mediation System processes all the CDRs and converts them into a tutrial compatible to the downstream system, which is usually a Billing System.

An unguideable error may occur because the event source does not yet exist in the Billing System database. There could be a rating time discount or billing time discount, different payments done by the customers, different adjustments given, all these information contribute in the final invoice generation.


Calls during some festival would be charged at special prices. Related products can be grouped together into a product family.

Telecom Billing Introduction

Most of the customers make their payment before the due date. There are billing systems, which support bundling of various types of products together as a package. For in-arrears charging the product charges are applied for a period up to at least the day before the current nominal bill date or bill request date for non-periodic bills. An operator may have multiple bank accounts into which it will receive payment done through bank accounts directly.

Calling Party A number. Adding a customer into the system, terminating a customer from the system, I mean customer addition and deletion in the customer base is called customer churn. Finally, each issue and operational task comes along with an assigned priority and each priority will have associated SLA. These specialists belong to Information Technology IT department, and if they are able to understand the problem, then they can suggest a solution and send the issue back to level 1, otherwise they check the nature of issue to understand if issue is related to network or billing system or provisioning system or hardware, etc.

Here mobile calls determine the discount and SMS product gets the discounts, such type of discounts are called cross product discounts. You might be willing to know about the differences between the two types of customers, services and systems.