Villain Design handbook – The page book is the ultimate guide to in your Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign or any other campaign world. Review of Villain Design Handbook Chapter 7 is Prestige Classes, which tend to be very Kingdoms of Kalamar specific (which is great if you’re a Kingdoms of. D&D – Kingdoms of Kalamar – Villain Design – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

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Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. This is basically a fiction writing guide with potentially broad applications to different genres. In my opinion, the old blue book, The Complete Book of Villains, was a strong offering of rules and ideas on how to incorporate villains into your campaign.

Text has a high margin at the top as an indicator provides information on what chapter the DM is reading, and a low margin, perhaps a little too low actually, at the bottom.

After hearing so many positive things about the Kalamar line, and knowing that it was endorsed by WOTC, I expected great things from the book. An example of some of the new feats are: This is a little drastic, but okay for NPC use.

The art is by Arnie Swekel, whose work you should recognize from the sketchy handook illustrations at the beginning of every chapter of Wizards of the Coast’s 3e hardcover books.

Villain Design Handbook (Dungeons & Dragons: Kingdoms Of Kalamar Supplement)

Kat rated it liked it May 17, Still, it is definitely raidable for ideas. This seems like an extremely strange class for a book on villains, but the explanatory text suggests they might be used as “good villains”, nominally good characters who have a worthy cause, but cross the line in achieving their goals. The book closes out with a twelve page index, providing quick measure to finding anything in the book.


This feat is a very shortcut version of torture rules; it requires that the villain have heal, intimidate, and sense motive skills and lets the villain force a captive to make a save or answer a given question truthfully.

Want to become a free willed zombie? In essence, each anti-feat provides a penalty equivalent and opposite to the bonus granted by the existing feat. I’m not sure this is exactly what was intended.

The fifth chapter is entitled The Head of the Vilain and discusses villainous organizations. First Villaain I’m glad I had my glasses handy for this book because the page count is a bit misleading due to the smallness of the print.

Villain Design Handbook

How about a good warlord, leading his people to freedom? Chapter nine also covers summoning an outsider and barginning with it. I was also a little disappointed not to see something under the Fallen where they were cursed by a powerful magic item they owned and if they only got rid of it, they could redeem themselves.

It’s a 5 level class that doesn’t require any spellcasting to enter – but under it is a chart marked ‘Unchainer Spells Known’ and directly under that ‘Free Domain Spells Per Day’ huh? Mouse over to Zoom – Click to enlarge. I could see using these as character flaws for villains by allowing selection and grant no or minimal benefit for the character. It gives DMs solid suggestions and tips to be considered when crafting a villain.

While the Blackfoot Society seeks to undo all forms of government, and the Blue Salamanders seek to master the entire world, the Brotherhood of the Broken Chain seeks freedom for slaves and the True Disciples of Avrynner seek to defeat those who hunt psionicists while Veteran Officers are, well, veteran officers.


Some seem fine like night watchmana sort of combination alarm and unseen servant. Back to home page Return to top. For me, perhaps one of the strangest types is the Polarist, dsign being who feels that there can be no great good without great evil and so makes himself that evil to draw forth the goodness villaib people.

None of these groups or classes, by the way, seem all that inherently villainous with the exception of the Darklight Wizard and the Blue Salamanders and many could be used as ‘good’ organizations or PrCs.

There are six prestige classes in all with a few requiring membership in an organization. Disadvantage type mechanics can be troublesome even if handled well, but anti-feats pf even earn that accolade. Characters who take this class lose all other class levels. Appendix C is a villain-specific character sheet. The Kalamar references are there but are not overwhelming and can often ot ignored for those not playing in that setting. The chapter features new feats, “anti-feats” and combat maneuvers.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Kingdoms of Kalamar Supplement. Even though this spell is less flexible and a shorter duration, it certainly seems as if it deserves to be higher than 1st level.

Each sub-archetype comes with a sample villain complete with descriptions and discussions of exactly why they are villains – these “Why? This 5th level spell inflicts 10d6 points of damage on an opponent with a touch attack, with a fortitude save negating.