Claude Debussy. La cathédrale engloutie, prelude for piano, L. /10 (/10). Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook. Debussy, Claude La Cathedrale Engloutie (Preludes Book 1 no) midi file for Piano (midi) – La cathédrale engloutie. (). by Claude A Debussy, Colin Matthews. Description: Debussy, orchestrated by Colin Matthews; Duration: 5; Genres: Full.

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Arranger Arthur Hartmann The Engulfed Cathedral; Bauer: First, it brings back material from the middle of the A section, again centered on Cbut now in c minor.

Debussy – La Cathedrale Engloutie (Preludes Book 1 no.10) midi file for Piano (midi)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Britannic Organ, Vol. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. This mode holds until measure 7, beginning a short section using the same mode now in C. His daughter, Dahut, on the other hand is usually described as a sinful, deceitful princess.

La cathédrale engloutie

Naxos Javascript not enabled. For example, motif 1 appears in the bottom of the right-hand chords on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarter notes of measure 14 D-E-Band again in the next three quarter note beats D-E-B.

Grand Piano and Nature. The opening debuussy the piece gently brings in the cathedral, out of the water, with a melody that resembles waves. Creative Commons Attribution 3. Hear It For Yourself! To protect the city, a huge dike was built around it with a single gate that opened for ships during low tide.


MacMillin, The Rubinstein Collection Limited Edition.

La cathédrale engloutie, prelude… | Details | AllMusic

Much of the work’s impact derives from the extreme, effective economy of its material. La Cathedrale engloutie 5: The work’s rhythmic stasis, combined with its massive sonorities, creates an overwhelming sense of awe and grandeur.

Whole-tone scales and pentatonic harmonies provide the musical substance of this mysterious and evocative tone poem. Simply Classical Movie Music. Music for Pleasure [Wienerworld]. The work makes active use of three themes, all in the same key, demanding the utmost sensitivity and imagination from the pianist. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Shakespeare ‘s Puck is depicted here as a witty and capricious elf.

The melodic statement here in C major is the climax of the piece. The Complete Studio Recordings.

Javascript is required for this feature. The use of stark, open fifths here allude to the idea of church bells that sound from the distance, across the ocean.

Ys was a mythical city said to have been on the coast of Brittany Northwest France in the Bay of Douarnenez. This is the loudest part of the piece. In these versions, King Gradlon was said to have converted to Christianity.

Gallery of Classical Music: Introspection Late Night Partying. The next section is a subset of A, noted as c in the timeline. Finally, the cathedral is gone from sight, and only the bells envloutie heard, at a distant pianissimo. After three bars, it modulates to Eb pentatonic, continuing the same thematic idea, again for three bars.


Préludes, Livre 1 (Debussy, Claude)

AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Ys becomes submerged in the sea. In the case of the two volumes of preludes, he places the title of the piece at the end of the piece, either to allow the pianist to respond intuitively and individually to the music before finding out what Debussy intended the music to sound like, or to apply more ambiguity to the music’s allusion. Measure 15 marks the beginning of a new formal section, A, beginning in B major pentatonic, made distinct by eighth note triplets in the left hand.

Reflections on the Water. Edition Peters Not by coincidence, motif 1b is heard in the 4th, 5th, and 6th quarter note beats of measure 14 B-D-E.

John Carpenter used it as sound track in his scifi movie Escape from New York. He agreed to do so, but devoted father as he was, he tried to save his daughter.