Read a free sample or buy Jony Ive by Leander Kahney. You can read this book with Apple Books on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac. Jony Ive is more important to Apple than Steve Jobs was and the company Leander Kahney, author of Jony Ive – The Genius Behind Apple’s. Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products, by Leander Kahney, Portfolio, RRP£/$, pages. It isn’t hard to argue the.

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The rest is mostly re I have to declare my hand here as I have had a long association with Apple, from commercially programming the Apple IIe through 10 years working for the leader, to the many friends I still have there.

What are their tales and how do these intersect with the title individual? And yes, Apple is extremely secretive, and the design team is certainly no exception.

Jony Ive, book review: Some genesis, but few revelations

If Jony had pocket full of cash, he will allow you to pull as much cash as you can just to get the expected output. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Did Jobs quit Apple or was he forced out?

A fan of Apple would think that Steve Jobs was the one who ran the company, designed products, and controlled everything about Apple. The point for the unwary reader is that it suggests this book will be an intimate portrait of Apple’s most significant product designer. Dec 11, Santhosh rated it liked it.

The book recommendations alone are a gold mine. The idea of Fortress Apple is dated and not a new phenomenon at all.

Meeting the IoT security challenge. Leander really penned it nicely and it amazed me when they mentioned as it is iony possible for them to run Apple without Jobs but hard without Jony Ive. But Kahney has pointed out that it was Robert Brunner who started the revolution in Apple to shift the control from Engineering team to Design team which in turn laid the foundation for the upcoming years of prosperity.


Lahney helps you keep track of books you want to read. A new book from Yukari Kane examines the Jobs’ legacy and the options Highlights why we need less mba folks and more people who can make stuff.

The amount of information included in the book regarding Apple and its product development process surprised me considering how much of a secretive organization Apple is. Good Profile of Jony Ive. But to me, that is why I bought an Apple computer in the first place.

That is a very comfortable space to compete in because you can say eight is better than six. From the beginning, he was inclined to rethink kahmey objects. Book review This book, by one of Apple’s ad-agency creatives, explores the company’s Steve Jobs-driven philosophy of keeping things simple.

Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products

Backstage at a three-act play. In fact, it was Brunner who unearthed the talent in Jony by giving him free reigns. Steve Jobs found a man who has good passion for creativity and design just like him. In reality, they two wouldn’t have seen each other eye to eye, but after his death, that guy suddenly becomes his all in all. Opinion Show more Opinion links.

Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products, by Leander Kahney | Financial Times

Nice read by a long-time Apple reporter. Good intentions gone bad. This book describes the ups and downs in Apple’s history and how Jony Ive changed This book is an interesting book because it has lots of information about how Sir Jonathan Ive’s designs in Apple are so successful. The language in the book tends to kkahney extremely colloquial as well; you may like this, but I expected a tone beyond a web blog here.


He is the man who proved that design makes everyone so crazy and to be a fan of a product because of its appearance. Click Here to Kill Everybody, book review: One other reason kajney I loved the read was because I have never read another in which the pages were so soothing to the eyes. Dec 17, David Schwan rated it it was amazing. Ive remains, at the end of this book, as unknown a quantity as he is at the beginning: I read this book on a Kindle Paperwhite, but I’ve seen numerous instances in other publications for Kindle where this has been done.

I was hoping for a deeper exploration into the thought patterns and detailed design methodology of Ive and I didn’t get that. Perhaps the book would have been better titled Apple Design: When Jobs died two years ago, Ive was, in all but name, anointed his successor. This is a company that values design. If the book could show me what’s being described, as it is described, I would have a much better understanding and appreciation of these creations. Working as a newspaper reporter in the UK, he covered amongst other things, the war in former Yugoslavia.

Leander Kahney is managing editor, formerly a senior reporter at Wired Newsthe online sister publication kagney Wired.

Jony Ive, book review: Some genesis, but few revelations | ZDNet

Most design students had lots of ego and very little talent. Report a mispronounced word.

Everything from the paint and the screws to the chips. I say appears in some cases because I wonder if it was an issue with the audio version I borrowed from my library.