Chuck states in the first session that you can’t possibly Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, however, continues on to present what’s widely considered. Learn The Bible In 24 Hours: Small Group Pack. Dr. Chuck Missler. Learn The Bible In 24 Hours Small Group Pack, DVD Plus 6 Workbooks – Designed. For those who have tried and failed to initiate a program of personal Bible study, ” Learn the Bible in 24 Hours” is ideal. Chuck Missler provides readers with the.

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Join us as media missionaries! Whether you believe or not, this book explains so much about the Bible and really shows the Bible to be unbelievably accurate and well written. This was a great read.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours by Chuck Missler

To me this sounded like a demand that suggested that the Angels jours didn’t have an option. Reading the entire Bible takes a long time and sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. I recommend this for anyone wanting to get more out of their study of the Bible.

The final straw for me was reading about the coded words hidden in the text of the bible by looking for equally spaced letters – the words chhck of cour I stopped reading this book at nearly the half way point.

It’s all very well saying “there are codes in the Bible, isn’t it great? Hold it, what about the gospels — the four central books around which the entire Bible is focused that talk about the life and teachings of the man that forms the basis of the Christian religion?

My position is that this book is incredibly dangerous.

Open Preview See a Problem? The Book of Acts Hour If you did there was a high likely hood that you would have been mugged, raped, and then brutally murdered. Samuel, Kings and Chronicles.


We are a couple of months away from the book of Mathew we break for all vacations If you ever really wanted to go through the bible to understand the whole book, this is a great way to do it. I’d recommend it to anyone interested in knowing more of the Bible – just don’t believe it unreservedly. Sep 25, Kelly Kirkpatrick rated it it was amazing.

This book should be on everyones book shelf cyuck is interested in God, the Bible and Christianity. However there is a problem with that. The Consummation of All Things. How it is not just a series of loosely connected stories, but a hpurs view of the past, present and fut This was a very good read, although there were more than a couple of moments of, “Really?

In fact I believe that we don’t actually need to know how it plays out lwarn it actually isn’t all that important — rather it is a distraction. A must read for anyone who wants to better understand the Bible. Mind you, it is rare these days that I don’t mark a book on Goodreads that I am currently reading, or post the review to my feed, but the main reason that I am doing so with this book hkurs because I believe that it should only be read by people who are really strong in their faith, hhe then only to be aware of some of the teachings of the fundamentalists.

However he completely undermines his treatise by taking a incredibly literal view of the Bible, and instead of focusing on Houurs salvation he focuses on God’s judgement.

Learn The Bible In 24 Hours

Jan 23, Ryan rated it it was ok. The Bible isn’t about the future, it is about how we should live now. It contains many interesting chapters and I did enjoy reading it, but it is the writings of a fundamentalist Protestant who makes many anti-Catholic errors. Not light bedtime reading. Oct 12, David Sarkies rated it did not like it Recommends it for: In fact his decrying the US’s rejection of the gospel of Christ suggests that there is a belief that maybe, just maybe, the United States is supposed to be the protector and guardian of the Christian message and if the United States rejects it’s Christian heritage then the world is doomed.


I’m not a biblical scholar at this point, but it was interesting. Chuck Missler is not given to dogmatic declaration. Like many fundamentalists they thr portions of the Bible that suit their arguments and they also leaen context only where reading contextually supports their supposition. Jul 04, Sharon Phillips rated it it was amazing.

If you have questions or just wonder what all of it is all about, read a couple of chapters of this book. Just some of the feedback includes:.

Jan 28, Stacy marked it as to-read. The problem with focusing on judgement is that it is like the meme that I posted about — Jesus is saying ‘follow me or else’. The Minor Prophets Hour Eschatological Summary Thessalonians Hour Apr 29, Ginger rated it liked it.

It suggests that all of those descended from Ham and Japtheth are subservient to those who are descended from Shem. We have taken over a year to get through this 24 hour study The Passion Week Hour The Epistle to the Romans Hour He seems to completely ignore the fact that Jesus later says that angels are sexless. The ancient Christians saw the beast from the sea as being Rome, the Christians living in the middle East saw it as militant Islam, and the people of the Reformation saw it as the Roman Church.

The New Testament Hour There are no discussion topics on this book yet.