I REMOTE CONTROL MANUAL g g. II. II. II. | g. II g. II g. I li g a. Serial Number. May MODELS /14/20/24/30/ DUAL- AND QUAD-CHANNEL. 5 Manual Operation. Vertical Controls. Time-Base Controls. Probes. Bandwidth Limit. Trigger controls (Standard). Displaying Traces. Display Control and. See Remote Control Manual. 6FRSH ([SORUHU. Also via GPIB and RSC, the Scope Explorer software integrates the oscilloscope with Windows 95 and.

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Two cross-hair cursors are used to define a region of interest for which pulse parameters will be calculated automatically. I wasn’t expecting anyone to know the answer, or this to be easy, but I thought I’d post just in case someone has come across this issue before and save me a fair few weeks prodding around.

What’s my next step? It is now possible to perform spectral analysis on repetitive and single events at an attractive price. They depend on the ratio between X and Y displacement. In order to get access for adjustment, put the scope on its rear feet and pivot the pover supply unit slightly away from the display board. Fully Featured with Remote Control – All the front-panel commands used to drive the memory card system are available through re- mote control. Do not place the solder side of the board directly on an antistatic foam or mat, which are slightly conducting and can discharge the battery.

Repetitive signals with ampli- tudes between 2 mV and 8 V, frequency above 50 Hz and a duty cycle greater than 0. Whether it’s sophisticated functions like integration, differen- tiation or logarithm or simple mathematics like addition, sub- taction and multiplicationthe WP01 package can calculate the results with just a touch of a button. I may be less happy when I fix the blown cap and it’s still broken, but I’ll still be quite happy.


Now the front panel assembly can be removed from the DSO. The positive input is fed with the signal and the negative input with the offset control source. Set the input of CHI: Okay, so I’ve lecry noticed the manual they sent me was for theexactly the same one in the archive linked from here! Stores multiple events in segmented acquisition memories. A special hardware feature of the F diaplay is the “pointed” vectors with an intensified point at the end, used to highlight the actual digitized data points out of the linear interpolation.

The current is measured through a shunt resistor of 0. Versatile display formats – Frequency-domain data may be presented as magnitude, phase, real, imaginary, com- plex.

If I knew how to alter that I’d know if I’d done it. Turn off all the traces, except CHI. For “move” vectors, the rate is not set OFF from state 0 to 3. Switch on the power using the power switch on the rear panel.

External trigger and common controls block diagram.

The line G controls the address driver output state. Power spectral density PSD in dBm. The DCK signal is a delayed clock used by the time base for exact timing. The cycle is then exactly the same. For each point, read off the ‘Mean’ parameter voltage and compare to the digital read-out of the voltage reference. The board is divided in two parts: Replace the Eproms at location A1 to A6 see figure 4.

Refer to table 2 for lecry the different coupling. They are fixed with screws and washers see pecroy 4. The manual should be close enough to get you started as it is for the dual trace version.

Teledyne LeCroy – Product Manuals – Oscilloscopes

As a result, in low-noise applications, the measurement precision and dynamic range are im- proved. Box Meyrin 1 – Geneva, Switzerland Telephone: Acquisition memories, Channels 1 and 2: Or am I off and its a resistor? They have zero DC resistance and appear to be connected as far manal I can tell, if there is another short somewhere I could be wrong to the 15V and V lines on the PSU.


You should have gotten a message when you joined the group telling you where to find manuals, etc. Hard copies can be directly made on a wide range of plotters and printers. For applications where throughput is critical, the 0’s GPIB interface can be used to transfer hundreds of waveforms per second.

LeCroy 9410 Manuals

Peak and glitch detection Minimum and maximum peaks, as fast as 0. The table below indicates the filter pass- band shape and the resolution: Plug the mains cable back into the outlet and wait for the scope to turn on. Standard window functions – Rectangular for transient signals: Processing is fully auto- matic and is simultaneous whenever more than one function has been selected.

Please study the diagram and figures before attempting disassembly. Strangely, Channel 1 has now gone back to 80mV. LabtronicOY, 80 France: Chaining of operations – Two operations can be automati- cally chained, e g. Spectrum Display Formats and Scaling Frequency scale: Triggers on opposite slopes of pulses wider than a value in the range 5 nsec to 20 sec.

Extrema Mode – Keeps track of time and amplitude drift by mnaual extreme positive and negative values, such as glitches, over a programmable number of sweeps. LeCrcy Main Menu ;: The signal RREQ returns low when the data are loaded. Triggers on similar slopes of signals wider than a value in the range 25 nsec to 20 sec.