Leito Fluidizado. AO. Alessa Oliveira. Updated 14 May Transcript. Tamanho de partícula. Diâmetros Equivalentes. Caracterização de Partículas. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Rejane Helena Ribeiro da Costa and others published Reatores de leito fluidizado: Potencialidades para o . 3: Esquemas de gaseificadores de leito fluidizado (a) borbulhante e (b) circulante, com identificação das respectivas regiões. Fonte: adaptado de Belgiorno et al.

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The data obtained were compared with empirical equations and the resulting semi-empirical literature. By applying the hypothesis test of equality between the experimental and simulated variables, it was found a P-value equal to 0, for the simplified model Tm variable, better than the three-phase model corresponding variables.

Among the main fluirizado, it was found that the simplified two-phase model provided better predictions of the drying experiments in fluidized bed, specially the temperature of the bed, than the three-phase model, which takes into account the existence of the solid, interstitial gas and bubble gas phases. ,eito

Using the method of SOGAB, demonstrated the uniformity of velocity and temperature in the entrance region of the measuring cell. There is currently interest in studies of convective drying of lieto seeds on bed furniture, as in previous search has been shown to occur in fixed bed preferential channels and agglomerations of particles.

Resumo Drying operation is an important stage of the processing that precedes the storage of seeds, since that with low moisture contents, these can retain their power of germination and other qualities for long periods. Some features lieto this site may not work without it.


Secagem de sementes de gramíneas (Brachiaria brizantha) em leito fluidizado

The analyze the fluid allowed to obtain the information on the fluidisation characteristics curves, while the drying tests enabled the knowledge of the effects of temperature and velocity of the drying air on the properties of the seeds.

Since the Page equation is analyzed between the equations that best represents the experimental data according to statistical criteria adopted. The objective of this work is to study the fluidized bed capable of carrying out the drying of seed of native plants with the maintenance of physical and physiological properties.

S as a pioneer species of the Tropical Forests, this plant becomes indispensable in reforestation areas altered wild. Resumo Due to the importance of conservation of ecosystems and having Cecropia glaziovi. The adopted drying kinetics represented well the process, which presented leio correlation coefficient of 0, between the predicted and experimental data.

The fluid dynamics of the contact between the seed and the fluid was drawn from measurements of pressure drop and air flow rates increasing and decreasing the bed.

Fluid dynamics, heat transfer and drying tests were accomplished in order to verify the operational limitations of the equipment, as well as determining the main characteristic experimental parameters of the seeds such as minimum fluidization velocity and transfer coefficients. Sensitivity analyses were carried out on the main parameters and properties of the models aiming to discuss their strengths and weaknesses.


Some features of this site may not work without it.

The drying operation is fundamental in the improvement of seeds, since it is not a seed recalcitrant. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Besides, experimental comparisons of the drying process in the equipment operating as fixed bed and fluidized bed were made. Assessment of germination, regardless of substrates, which are germitest paper germibox tanks and soil showed that the fluidiaado are suitable for replanting.

Leito fluidizado

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Metadata Mostrar registro completo. Metadata Mostrar registro completo. It was possible to obtain, after drying, fluidkzado with adequate humidity values for the storage and physiological qualities contribute to the perpetuation of these embryos and dissemination of higher plants in nature.

The objective of this work was to perform a study of drying of grass seeds Brachiaria brizantha in a batch fluidized bed, in order to evaluate the performance of the dryer in a physiological and phenomenological point of view. The comparison between the methods of decomposition and scraping the inflorescences wet and dry extraction showed that the wet method is more suitable for this kind of seed.

Flujdizado, two types of models were tested three-phase and two-phase models with the purpose of comparing the feasibility of its applications.