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The fantastic is not a close-fitting mask that is to say, a camouflage consisting only of individual words referring to some terrestrial—for instance, political—conditions that covers the real; it has to be several different designata at once, and, moreover, it has to confront certain problems head on, problems which I take quite seriously since I consider them to loaklna problems that humanity will have to solve in its real future.

Aside from that, very little is happening, thank God! Wiizja the same time, Lem damns the “terrifying freedom” of technological civilization, in which the quest replaces revelation and identity cards replace the absolute.

Wizja lokalna (Polish Edition): Stanislaw Lem: : Books

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Lem and Nabokov wjzja with scientists in recognizing the importance of some agreed-upon reality principle to make possible a sane world of communication. As a result, the influence of futurologists’ predictions contributes to the instrumentalization of cultural norms. We learn about it through his words.

Yet Hogarth’s agonized concluding words of the novel seem to betray this faith in the Senders’ faultless ethics. Each discipline should have a branch to deal with its future, to counteract the instrumental-pragmatism of futurology with a humanistic counterweight.

The name of the animal is Lem’s invention, used in earlier tales about Tichy. On the other hand, many Luzanians, especially university students and faculty, dislike the consumerism and ethical limitations of freedom under the ‘quickies’ and call variously for the imposition of the kurdl-ism or at least for a slight rollback of the technological development and the abolition of the ‘quickies’, depending on the degree of radicalism of the individual.


I did not start writing the tale from the beginning, but rather in the way one digs a gallery or a tunnel—from several directions at once. The book’s value is ultimately not predictive, but retrodictive, depicting through ethical and aesthetic paradigms a humanity with all its characteristics intact. The results have little in common with Tichy’s “14th Voyage” as far as the planet described in that Voyage is concerned.

I have collected too much material rather than too little, but I am confident of mastering this embarrassement de richesse. Metafuturology must also actively imagine discoveries that might enable humanity to “leap out” of its antecedent history–as for example the breakdown of the “somatogenetic boundary” between the genotype and the cultural phenotype.

It must instead be read as a philosophical novel narrating the story of a talented child of the technological era, who suddenly experiences the yearning for ideals.

Observation on the Spot – Wikipedia

Now, the entry “Enteropia” from the “Cosmic Encyclopedia” and the squamp are just linguistic play invented for the fun of it, without any inner coherence, and I am not happy with it any more. The principal dilemma in “Lusania”—which is something like the US years hence—is whether or not to resist the “ennobled environment” that absorbs all evil deeds; people try to kill other people, not because they have any interest in the deaths of their victims, but because everyone wants to triumph over the environment that forces one to do good.

Futurological Congress thus resumes via Ubik The Time Machine ‘s project of investigating its generic origins; and pursuing that matter to SF’s modular foundations in language, it extends Wells’s discoveries in a way that confirms his original metageneric insight. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.


Wizja lokalna

English Choose a language for shopping. This corresponds to Lem’s adult view that humanity is playing a game with Nature, in which the latter makes only minimally sufficient moves.

The more intensively they study Solaris, the more the Solarists become mesmerized by the ocean’s replicants of their own imaginations and see mere reflections of their own minds. They cannot escape anthropomorphizing the fluid planet, preventing contact with it, and making communication with each other more difficult. Thirdly, futurologists have not developed a sufficiently rigorous theory to control their pragmatic tendency to value only what can be most easily measured.

This article needs additional citations for verification. Now then, this is the nature of my work, this is how it looks. Nevertheless, the rational characters in both novels seem sane at the cost of a crippling inability to interpret what they see and to intuit the nature of foreign worlds.

My problems with the new novel are similar to those of lokalnq composition in the musical sense: The nation is ruled according to “hedomatics”—i. Write a customer review. Now they will accompany Tichy, not as living persons, but in the form of cassettes, as programs that he feeds into the ship’s computer. This has to be done very well. I intend the tale to be both an allegory on terrestrial conditions i.

At its most basic, the process of “actualysis” takes place on a linguistic level, thanks to the neologisms mediating between the “real” Costa Rican present and the hallucinative future.