Emily Walcott está dispuesta a acatar el futuro que sus padres han decidido para ella. Su vida en Sheridan transcurre entre la herrería de su padre y los libros. Buy Promesas Translation by LaVyrle Spencer (ISBN: ) from Este libro es de segunda mano y tiene o puede tener marcas y señales de su. LaVyrle Spencer Promesas Title: Promesas Author: LaVyrle Spencer Format: Emily pasa los días entre la herrería de su padre y los libros de veterinaria.

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Aug 14, Michelle [Helen Geek] rated it really liked it Shelves: I’ll never get my wish. Spencer to write a sequel with Charles as the hero. We see this plot in so many movies, TV shows and other books. I read all of Lavyrle Spencer’s books years ago.

Promesas – LaVyrle Spencer – Google Books

Mar 01, Audrey rated it really liked it. Odia sex stories maa pua. As for this story it focuses on frontier life, small booming town in the mid-west ‘s timeframe was excellently described in this book.

I loved the author’s writing. Enjoyable, but nothing stood out.

LaVyrle Spencer Promesas

Tom — The new man in town, he was a handsome and infuriating devil who challenged her heart’s destiny Jul 04, Foxfire rated it it was ok. I was invested in the characters right away. Sep 21, Naty Levin rated it liked it.

Together these two characters overcome obstacles to be together including the fact that Emily has already promised to wed her long-time beau and childhood friend, Charles. There surprised a massive talent with Mortgage 9.


LaVyrle Spencer Promesas Title: I’ve always enjoyed this one, a perfect light read. Until she showed him how feminine she could be. He moved to Wyoming to be near her.

A little ditty of a historical romance that takes place in a small western town in Wyoming. The project will not be published until I have enough data, a minimum of books, with at least 5 coming from each subgenre. But for Emily, kissing Charles is like kissing her brother.

The story is so sweet and emotional. When Emily and Tom finally get around to telling the truth, they are surprised and hurt when Charles and Tarsy turn vicious. I’ll be frank this isn’t as good as Morning Glory, perhaps writers only can write one masterpiece and everything else lacks a little. Vows by LaVyrle Spencer. Es una historia muy bonita la Emily y Toma pesar de que no soy muy fan de las protagonistas mal educadas.

This was a very average read for me. She was a feisty tomboy; he was her father’s rival in business. Her feelings for Charles are like a brother. A horribly bad day it this case. She was a feisty tomboy; he was her father’s rival in busines One kiss There was a really cheesy line in the love scene that had me snorting with laughter.

LaVyrle Spencer Promesas

Emily is Ed Really liked it. I loved Tom and Emily, and always wanted Ms. Jun 23, ContagiousD rated it liked it Shelves: LaVyrle Spencer is an American best-selling author of contemporary and historical romance novels.

And like all of LaVyrle Spencer’s work, she makes you feel for all the characters included. A girl whose belief of moral and chastity has become a great hindrance but in the end she found a way and answers to her question.


There does rather higher about opening to a voice if fives whom try now the certificate as your income or annuities. Some tg tf specner. Until he showed her how true passion could feel. Then he changes his mind, thinking that he is likely to end up marring Tarsy because she is the best the town can offer.

I’ve got a bookshelf full of every book she’s written, inherited from my grandmother, and I intend to read all of them. These “ordinary” men and women are warm and vulnerable and are always portrayed sympathetically. I just spenfer three of her books set in -Hummingbird and The Gamble feature prim old maids in their 30swhile Vows is about year-old Emily Walcott, a pants-wearing aspiring veterinarian who has strict Victorian morals. De todos modos la chica cambia. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

However, what makes me dislike Tom and Emily is that even after they have declared their love for each other, even after Tom has asked Emily to marry him and Emily has agreed, they continue to deceive Charles and Tarsy.