At the core of the MAST ALIGNEDSM procedure is the new CD HORIZON® LONGITUDE® II System, a multi-level percutaneous fixation system designed to. Horizon Longitude, Medtronic, Minneapolis, USA) has been described in detail elsewhere [14]. For minimally invasive thoracic instrumentation. experience and Medtronic expertise. Profile. Performance. Efficiency. 1 Based on internal testing of a CHROMALOY™ and CHROMALOY™ Plus rod construct.

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Although the physician is the learned intermediary between the company and the patient, the important medical information given in this document should be conveyed to the patient. These lngitude were inspected for evidence of pedicle violation. Bipolar C-arm is used when available. Page 3 Surgical Technique Guidewire, Screw Extender placement and Rod passage are shown on one side only for clarity.

Shape Memory Alloy is compatible with titanium, titanium alloy and cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy. Understanding your spine Disc Between each pair of vertebrae there is a disc that acts as a cushion to protect the vertebra.

Repeat Steps 8 through 12 for additional levels. Figure 35 Figure 34 Under fluoroscopy, visualize screws to ensure they line up coronally as much as possible.

Page 4 Surgical Technique Introduction Percutaneous pedicle screw insertion is novel and recently reported technique. AP and lateral fluoroscopy projections should be parallel to the end plates nearest the screw to be inserted Figure 3.


This will align the windows at the distal tip of the Extenders in a position that will allow the Rod to be passed. Only patients that meet the criteria described in the indications should be longitdue. Posterior percutaneous spine instrumentation. No concerns were evident. All components and instruments should be cleaned and sterilized before use.

When filing a complaint, please provide the component s name and number, lot number syour name and address, the nature of the mddtronic and notification of whether a written nedtronic from the distributor is requested. Grossly distorted anatomy caused by congenital abnormalities. V Pyramid Place.

Reduction and compression can then be performed.

Percutaneous Transpedicular Fixation: Technical tips and Pitfalls of Sextant and Pathfinder Systems

In later cases, we cannulated all pedicles on each side, or both pedicles per vertebra simultaneously under AP projection. Page 5 Single Cable Placement of pedicle screws in the thoracic spine. Any case where the implant components selected for use would be too large or too small to achieve a successful result.

Value Analysis Brief MIS Lateral Approach to Interbody Fusion Methods This value analysis brief presents information on the clinical and economic benefits lonyitude the minimally invasive lateral approach to.

After gaining initial purchase of the pedicle with the Screw assembly, remove the Guidewire to prevent it medtronkc being advanced too far. Postoperative routine AP and lateral plain radiographs were performed within 48 hours after surgery.


Additional features include new implants and instruments, including 4. There was a significant decrease of back pain quantified by patient self-assessment using a standard visual analog scale VAS score. To save time and reduce radiation exposure, we prefer to cannulate all pedicles, at least on each side, using AP projection with confirmation provided using lateral projection.

Foley and Gupta [ 7 ], and Foley et al. Zimmer Natural Nail System.

Instruments and implants approved by More information. However, some of the technical details need to be discussed. Plate Selection More information. The lojgitude includes screws, various More information.

No surgery-related neurological complications, implant-related complications, dural tear, or wound infections were observed. Patients with diabetes mellitus and patients with more than one pain syndrome were excluded. The company expanded through the s, mostly selling equipment built by other companies, but also developing some custom devices.


The female patient was closely monitored for signs of blood loss or intestinal injury. Pedicle morphology and orientation 2. The PathFinder fixation system has smaller diameter pedicular screws available for use in the thoracic pedicles.