By presenting the “Mahinda Chintana -. Vision for the future” to our religious dignitaries, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children of our Motherland with . The IPS examined the “Mahinda Chintana: Vision for a New Sri Lanka” taking into account the current overall policy framework and attempted to shed some light. III (a) Mahinda Chinthana – National Development Goals (NDGs). III(b) United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). 1. Sri Lanka: The Emerging.

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This is a note on the preliminary steps taken by President Mahinda Rajapaksa to make the Mahinda Chinthana a reality as it completes the first anniversary of its implementation. Accelerated implementation of the Deduru-oya Irrigation Scheme.

“Mahinda Chinthana” Fashion in Wonder Asia (Photos) – Sri Lanka Guardian

chintthana Setting up a faculty of agriculture and animal husbandry centring the Hatton Town. Development of the region as a special tourist zone. Establishment of a special fund of Rs. Restoration of all affected and neglected school buildings to a high standard.

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Our next phase is to have major industrial development on this foundation of success that will enable an economy to generate employment forper year. The provision of a monthly special flour subsidy to estate families. A special Housing Project to supply single houses. Completion of the Southern Express Highway on an accelerated basis. I have one and only one agreement.

Implementation of a programme titled “Creeda Sakthi”. Popularising the use of English language among all classes of people. Development of all approach roads to estates and declare them as public roads.

From that point of view the real implementation chintgana the concept of Mahinda Chinthana is at the moment nearing its first anniversary. As we review Mahinda Chinthana on this occasion of its first anniversary, we see its implementation in progress at the moment as well as steps afoot to commence implementation.


This third phase of my Presidency is that of building the country for a new generation. Corruption is a cancer they say. The Amhinda revealed plan to ensure collective responsibility of members of the cabinet and protect confidentiality through constitutional means.

Restoration of all deteriorated health facilities to suit future conditions. The President introduced his first manifesto at the Presidential election under the theme Mahinda Chinthanaya and his election manifesto for the Presidential election was Mahinda Chinthana Idiri Dekma. Steps to mzhinda a temporary allowance to families evacuated due to High Security Zones.

The information mahihda in the Asian Tribune www. In order to achieve this it is necessary to give my priority to strengthen the Rule of Law, eradicating corruption and fraud through institutional structures, and both strengthening and widening national unity to ensure that Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher and all communities obtain the benefits of development and good governance.

I have only one agreement. Re-settlement of displaced persons in their original habitats expeditiously. Confidence in the development of the rural economy to ensure the economic uplift of the entire country is a conspicuous feature in the Mahinda Chinthana. Mahijda by Somadasa Wijeratna. Commenting on post-war foreign policy, President Rajapaksa declared his intention to mend relations with foreign governments that had been pushing for international war crimes probe targeting Sri Lanka.

He said that the entire parliament would be transformed into a constituent assembly to mahunda a brand new Constitution.

“Mahinda Chinthana” Fashion in Wonder Asia (Photos)

It is necessary to make this country secure for your children and future generations, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Bangladesh is electing a new Parliament today under the shadow of violence. That is because without planning it is difficult to reach the intended destination. Organisation of a grand scale international film festival titled “Colombo International Film Festival”.


Targeting at least five international sports victories including the Olympic within the next decade. Being Mindful — an Islamic Perspective.

Recruitment of G. Free ownership title to the land supplied to each estate worker. Corruption charges are leveled because there was development.

Having achieved real freedom the entire country is now joined through an infrastructure network built under the conditions of the peace, he said. The speciality of its implementation is that some projects are long term while some are short term. No significant clouds Temperature: Implementation of the Official Language Policy effectively.

That is the Mahinda Chinthana. There is no dispute that the Mahinda Chinthana laid a firm foundation for a novel revolution in the chinthqna, economic and social spheres of this country.

Development of the cities of Valaichenai and Kalmunai.

Setting annual targets of programme implementation, annual progress review and consideration of setbacks and remedies thereof. Executive presidential system, electoral system, judiciary as well as good governance would be dealt by those writing a new Constitution, the President said, adding that amendments to executive chinthaha system would be the prerogative of political parties represented in parliament.

Appointment of a fully empowered Ombudsman to look in to the grievances of media personnel. Annual training intake increased from 60, to ,