Matt said: Quantum-Theory is a rather complicated matter of which I knew next to Quantum by Manjit Kumar Ageless Body, Timeless Mind by Deepak Chopra. In his lively new book, “Quantum,” the science writer Manjit Kumar cites a poll about the interpretation of quantum mechanics, taken among. Manjit Kumar’s Quantum is a super-collider of a book, shaking together an exotic cocktail of free-thinking physicists, tracing their chaotic.

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The book masterfully traverses the landscape. If you have little to no familiarity with quantum physics, this might be a tough one for you.

We have so much to thank for history and physics. However, a reader more familiar with the area might find the repetition irritating. Again, the book tells this story well. The truth, as Kumar shows, is very different.

Moreover gives a clear idea about how difficult is to bring new concepts in a well established academic community. This new quantum mechanics employed a strange form of matrix mathematics in which A times B does not equal B times A, but it successfully calculated spectral line intensities.

A must read for anyone interested in either science or scienlists. Who observed the kuar bang to collapse the probability wave? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. And reality was not really real until someone took a measurement. This time I decided to make an exception and read this book. View all 21 comments.

Yes, by a book on quantum theory. It became clear over time that the manjut of classical physics were not valid at the subatomic lev This is a good recounting of the historical development of quantum physics.


I was finally able to understand though still not clearly, why Einstein is considered as the father if you call Max Planck the grandfather of quantum theory. Years ago, When I sta Whether the science in this book is light or heavy depends on who you are.

Quantum: Einstein, Bohr and the Great Debate About the Nature of Reality

I have to mmanjit I need to go through this book one more time to completely understand the technical arguments, though they were very few throughout the book. The catalogue of literary-metaphorical abuses of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, for example, must run to thousands of entries. Many good books are written to simplistically jumar the theoretical revolutions brought about in The first half of the tweNtieth century.

However, it doesn’t mean that quantum mechanics cannot quanttum understood whatsoever. Somewhere, Einstein is puffing on his pipe and smiling ironically. Wave particle duality was now established for energy and matter. Copenhagen says that nothing is definitively so until an act of observation “collapses the wave-function” of the system in question condensing, so to speak, a cloud of probability into one thing or another.

View all 10 comments. The quantum concepts are explained with clarity with manjjit couple of kmar, but I enjoyed the book too much to be too critical. All the while when people believed light was a wave and matter continuous they had to take a leap into believing light could be a particle and an atom can have discontinuities. Whilst the subject of reality forms the main theme of the book, it’s past the half way point before this topic is discussed in any serious way. Even while keeping the weirdness of the quantum realm intact, this book will make the subject all the more likeable.

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Bohr conceded this but claimed the particles were entwined and thus one system, that a measurement of one was a kumwr of both. Of 90 respondents, “only four voted for the Copenhagen interpretation, but 30 favoured the modern version of [ Two decades later, the great Danish physicist Niels Bohr and his colleagues, who had taken this idea and run with it, had become too radical for Einstein to accept.

Quantum (book) – Wikipedia

It touches on all the main characters in the development of quantum theory and subsequent development of quantum mechanics. He helped Max Planck in the development of early ideas such as quantized energy levels in quantum physics. He tells a story so engrossing and so detailed that I felt surprisingly moved towards the end.

This brilliant work takes you through the history of the ideas behind quantum mechanics from the late 19th century all the way till the latter half of 20th century. If not entertaining guests, he would return to work until he went to bed between 11 and